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It is always special to visit new places, especially in countries where you've already been. Mexico is such a country, as many might know last summer I spend 6 weeks in Mexico and most of the time I was in the region of Cuernavaca (the hometown of my girlfriend). I made an additional trip to Puerto Vallarta and that was the farest i went during that holiday. As some might know as well. Beginning of this year I returned to Mexico to do my internship (more on that subject later on in other journal entries). This time is different thought, this time I'm going together with my mother to the jungels of Chiapas. First to see the church city of Puebla (I know that is not in Chiapas) and then to the city of Palenque to visit the mayan ruins of Palenque. But luckily that is not all. There are many other things too do in Chiapas and hopefully we will be able to do many of them. Visit Bonampak, Aqua Azul, Tuxla Gutierez, San Cristobal de las Casas and many more. It might be difficult thought to put everything in the short two weeks that we have, but probably we can do it. (I keep my fingers crossed). Hopefully in the coming two weeks I will keep everybody up-to-date throught this weblog

Laurens over-and out from Mexico  
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Cuernavaca Estado de Morelos
photo by: eschroeder12