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it was a very lazy day in Shanghai.cause the weather ... yea.. the rainy season... ><" my boss gave me 5 days for encouragement  .i decided to climbing Yellow Mountain..but... the weather was too bad to climbing . i was be stuck in city,can not go anywhere.the only thing i can do is ...well ,took hunders of my travel pics then arrange them in Starbucks....

everytime when i feel that there are some mushrooms in my mind .. i will think of  this view.


this is one of the few of the art display i like it!!  weather project form Olafur Eliasson


Jun.15th 2006  somethere in Shanghai


i never have a chance to go to UK  to see this display. but i do really like this view- weather project

what is the style of life ? to me, they are simple,balance and also a rule when i do marketing works.

nokia said that the technology always come form Human(human technology) and i think the human always begin be touched.(lazy technology) . if we can put more one degree into technology.. i think that we donot have to push too much on commerical in this lonly and cold 2000 age.

well, Ling was getting baga again!! hahaha....sorry boss!!!








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form Maggie
form Maggie
photo by: Chokk