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form some reasons ,the police of china always be connected with terrible image.i heared many news about them .well,maybe i am always a lucky girl  in life . the police whom  i met in all of my china trip are very nice. sometimes they really looks like a neighbor. Mr.old ....hahaha...

it was my second  day in this trip . i was here just only for check the timeable with police  and wait my bus. we started talking  after they tell me the correct bus.

police A: hey ,little girl ..why you want to go that place ... it is not very close the main city.. do not you fear?

Ling:i want to go there looking something i need it .(ALERT ! ALERT! ALERT! )

police B:and where are you from? Japan?but you can speak chinese ?

Ling:no, i am not form japan ,i am from south and just back form oversea my chinese pronuceation is not very clear like peking pronuce.(WARN! WARN! WARN ...why have more police comeing to me?? make something ,make something Ling ,never say too much...)

policeA:where is your friend? why we do not see your friend?(smile to me !!!)

Ling:no.. i travel alone. i would like to see more about china before i go to work. (i decide run into the tourist group in form of me around 50 meter )

PoliceB heared my answer said :WOW, what a good girl you are . you  want to know more about home..good good... it is not easy to find this kind of girl in china.

Ling: ..............(=_=")

---------------------------- keep talking with these two police on the road for 20 mins---------------------------

finally, they decided help me to take a special pic...yeap!! there are several polices come to us ,go  to road and make cars stop ,others are stop people comeing to me and police A take a pic of that time.. i really feel that i am a super star! !!!

all of the day, i was a special traveler ..cause my transport is  a POLICE CAR....

local people always  impress you . sometimes they even better then the view of your travel.

take easy and enjoy it ,of course ,still have to careful more!! especial when you are alone!



sylviandavid says:
Nice story!
Posted on: Jan 30, 2008
omeprazole says:
yes.. my pics are in the sending package now. will put it here. :)
Posted on: Jan 29, 2008
Aopaq says:
What a great story! And you are so right that sometimes people will surprise you. I have had similar experiences and it really makes you have faith in mankind. I hope you post the picture that the policeman took! :)
Posted on: Jan 28, 2008
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