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When you think of things that symbolize Japan you naturally think of Mount Fuji rising into a mist of clouds with the shinkansen(bullet train) passing it at speeds of over 200 km per hour. Those picture perfect  postcards that  you often see of Mount Fuji is a photographers delight, the photographer may have waited numerous days and nights to capture that one everlasting shot.

The ancient temples and shrines scattered throughout the country is another great sight of Japan, buddhist monks come each day to prey or kneal for hours performing sutra's, the scent of the insence sticks floating around the room, the noise of a bell or symbol sometimes is heard ringing in the background, people purify themselves of evil spirits by rinsing their hands and drinking water before entering the grouds.

  Some pilgrims set out out on their journey going to shrine to shrine taking weeks or even months carrying out the buddhists beliefs

Sumo wrestling is another thing that is symbolic to the Japanese culture. Two very large men enter the ring charging and pushing at one another until their bulking bodies hit the surface of the ring or are shoved outside the ring. Sumo is not just a sport but a passion mostly among the older people of Japan, a lot of sumo as some aspects of buddhism about it as well.  There are only 5 tounaments a year so don't miss the chance to go if you come to Japan

There are other things that symbolize Japan but the most beatiful thing that comes to my mind are the cherry blossoms that come to full bloom in the first week of April.

They are truly a sight to to be seen, the beautiful pink flowers that bright up the surrounding landscape can bring a smile to ones face immediately.

When the cherry blossoms are out, it is also a time for the Japanese to play. Company workers, families, children all gather under the trees to have picnics and finally get to relax from their hectic schedules, It is party time, a time when it is ok to drink and drink, sing Karaoke and to have a good time.  If travelling at this time please be aware that there will be huge crowds whereever you go especially Kyoto, so I reccomend you make a reservation at a hotel well in advance but it would definately be worth it.

momiji says:
oh ya!! we need to have hanami meetup!!!!
Posted on: Apr 10, 2008
reikunboy says:
next year gonna be awesome
Posted on: Apr 10, 2008
momiji says:
can't believe it's still that beautiful there! here's so green now lol!!!! can't tell it was sakura trees!
can't wait til next year :)
Posted on: Apr 10, 2008
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osaka castle in the background
osaka castle in the background
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