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"Fear not to go down to the land of Egypt" (Genesis 46:3)

Everyone said I was nuts.
"Your going in the middle of August, you will melt"
"You will get so sick"
"If they find out you're Jewish, they will kill you"

"So?" I replied, and booked my ticket anyway.
I took a coach from Tel-Aviv, we left at 10am. It was supposed to take 10 hours. I learnt very quickly that time is of little consequence in Egypt.
17 hours later, in the dead of night I finally in Cairo. Hot, tired and fed up, I had to somehow find my hostel. I find a cab driver that speaks English.
"Iz okay, I drive like Schumacher, Egypt very good driver."
As we hurtle along Cairo's empty streets on what I am sure will be my last ever journey on this Earth, my psychopath of a driver tries to point out landmarks.
Rare lilly outside the museum
Its no use, as we drive so fast they seem to me just blurs.
I arrive at my hostel, its on the sixth floor, i drag up the stairs with my heavy bag. I get to the reception
"Ah, we were waitng for you, why didn't you take the lift?"
I hardly sleep, I'm way too excited,(and hot).

I'm desperate to see the Pyramids, but Ive woken up a bit too late. The city is buzzing, constant beeping and honking. I miss this sound, I live in a quiet suburb of London, sometimes a bit too quiet. There's so much stuff to see, so little time. I decide to make my way to the Egyptian Museum.I am one of the first the first people there. Just me, and some long dead pharaohs. I stare in awe at old King Tut's gold.  the photographs will never do this justice. The sheer beauty of the funary mask is haunting, to stare into the jet black eyes is to look history directly in the face.

I visit the mummy of Rammesses II, truly one of the great men of past times. It is a strange sensation to be so close to such a figure, for it is rare to see people like that in the flesh, one would never think of being so close to Napoleon. I think to myself, that this man was the most powerful man in the world, but now his body is dead and shriveled, his temples are ruins, and his power now is zero. It just goes to show how futile the attempts for power that exist in today's leaders. If todays dictators were to come here and see this, then they may think the same thing, say "screw this" and chill with a beer.
JeAr says:
i like how u write, wondering if u're a writer (or used to be one). very nice... oh, is this 'to be continued' ??? :)))
Posted on: Mar 10, 2008
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Rare lilly outside the museum
Rare lilly outside the museum
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