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I want to get this mermaid as a tattoo.  First off, I need to make sure everyone agrees that she's Polynesian, right?  Just wanna make sure.   It's important because where ever the setting for this painting was suppose to be, I want to have it done there.  Hmmm...if she's Polynesian, which I think she is, I'll have to switch the flower behind her ear to the left ear.  It's a Polynesian tradition that if a girl's heart is taken, she wears it behind her left ear since that's the side of your body that your heart is on.  If she's single and looking, it will be behind her right ear.
Suggestions please?:
- I want this tattoo to symbolize my love for travel, so...any suggestions there?  Maybe I can change the rock to a globe or something? 
- Where on my body should I get it?  I was thinking between shoulder blades, on shoulder blade, ribs would be cool but OUCH no way!  And I already have a tat on my lower back.
What do you guys think??
Chokk says:
It is beautiful - but I would not have it on me. But it is entirely up to you. Good luck
Posted on: May 17, 2008
eglp says:
one of my sons has his on his shoulder blade and looks ok.
Posted on: Feb 26, 2008
Ape says:
I never understood why people would want a tattoo on their back/neck/shoulder blades.. If you your getting a tattoo you want to see it once in a while no? It's a beautiful pic, and if you're sure on getting it, I would put it on my shoulder, where I could easily see it if I wanted to. Good luck!
Posted on: Feb 02, 2008
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