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Date 12-02-07

Deception to Trinity

09:45 Position 63˚51’5.S        060˚54’29.W Trinity


Wind:        WNW3                     

Temperature: 6,3

Deception to Trinity


On portside we sail past the frozen mountains of Trinity Island.

In the distance we get the first glimpse of the mainland. The landscape is changing. Everything that is not vertical will be covered by snow and ice.  The more we head south, the more the landscape will be dominated by glaciers and icecaps. This is the Antarctica as we know it from the documentaries and films!  These waters are filled with beautifully sculptured icebergs with all colours between blue and green.

the zodiacs are lowered for a zodiac cruise to an ‘Iceberg Graveyard’, between Trinity island and Spert island. Its busy with lots of Leopard seals resting on ice flows. In total we see an amazing number of 8 individuals of Leopard Seal. They are very curious animals and one follows the zodiacs for a while. Furseals playing in and out of the water. Half way we  raftup for a floating picknic.


Bart gives a lecture about the environment and the ecology of Antarctica.


In the evening the lounge fills up for the Davinci code.


Date: 13-02-07

Trinity to Cuverville

12:00 Position                     64˚25’.

S           61˚44’.W

22:45 Position                     64˚42’58.S               61˚37’63.W Anchored in Erera Channel


Wind: NE 7-8 later 2-4


Just after midnight we go anchor up since the anchor doesn’t hold anymore with the heavy wind


Just after breakfast Gert navigates us trough the narrow Graham passage

“Whales!” is the yell that makes everybody go out on deck immediately, it’s even more effective than the three bells.

In the distance some whales are spotted It turned out to be a Humpback Whale mother and calf feeding. For a while they hang around the ship. 55 people stand on deck and everybody is silently looking at/photographing these sea giants.This day we will see a total of 9 individuals of Humpback Whales in 4 groups and 6 of the smaller and more shy Antarctic Minke Whale. We cross the Gerlache strait during the “2 o’ clockie”. Tjalling lectures about the Belgian barons adventures down south, while approaching the wreck of the Gouvernoren a Norwegian whaler which was beached here in 1916 when it caught on fire.

We do a bit of sight seeing with the ship.

Than we set all the topsails and courses and sail towards Cuverville

Our program gets messed up by another group of curious Humpback Whale family checking out the ship so close, that tele-lenses are of no use. On deck you can even smell their breath.

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Trinity Island
photo by: xander_van_hoof