Estancia Harberton: it looks so green after all the ice

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Date: 24-02-07

Drake shake

Weather: wonderfull morning lots of wind in the afternoon

Wind:        W 5                 

Temperature:     12


8:00 getting out off bed, an early start after a long night.

But the sun is shining and the mood is good. Everything looks so green after 3 weeks of Antarctica.


Around 8:45 we land with the Zodiacs at estancia Harberton. The ranch (‘estancia’) was established in 1886 by Thomas Bridges, an Anglican missionary from the UK, who became known for having written a dictionary with more than 30.000 Yaghan words, the last remaining memory of the original inhabitants of this area of Tierra del Fuego. Today, the ranch is still run by Thomas Bridges’ family, Tom and Natalie Goodall.

We land on a beach near the farm and two guided tours are arranged. One group goes off for a tour around the estancia, the other visits the Museo Acatushún where the guides impresses everyone of us with their excellent knowledge of the whales and dolphin skeletons that are here on display. In the tearoom, the other group taste home-made cakes after a tour of the Estancia, led by Thomas, Matthew’s brother, who is equally knowledgeable about the history of his grandfather’s ranch.


On land we spot some Crested caracara’s, Austral Trushes, Black-bellied Cinclodes, Southern Lapwings, Austral Trushes, Flightless Steamerducks and some Fire eyed Diucons and a Long Tailed Meadowlark.

Gert spots a fox near the Museum.


Back on deck Lunch is served while we enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery. While we are eating soup we see a Turkey Vulture flying over, a common bird in this part of Tierra del Fuego. Still wonderful birds to see.

At 19:00 we arrive in Ushuaia again. A successful journey has nearly come to an end.


Total sailed nautical miles                           1615 nm (=2990 km)
Total use of diesel                                      16.000 liters
Consumption of potatoes                             200 kilo
Consumption of soup                                   340 liters
Consumption of home made bread                 166 loaves
Consumption of champagne                          12 liters
Production of fresh water                             43.500 liters
Consumption of fresh water                          48.700 liters
Nationalities                                               7

xander_van_hoof says:
Depends how much you drink. But when on sea not many drink. The food is all included, but the rest was about 200 euros I believe. No visa needed. The plane ticket and stay in Buenos Aires and in Ushuaia not included. Overall about 8500 euro at that time. The ship Bark Europa is now more expensive (+1000 euro).
Posted on: Mar 08, 2014
itravel1 says:
What was your costs over the ticket price while on board. ie, beer, gifts, visas.
Posted on: Mar 04, 2014
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photo by: xander_van_hoof