Deception Island...swimming in vulcanic (and antarctic) water!!!

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Entrance Deception Island

Date: 11-02-07

From: Hannah point  to Deception

09:45 Position         62˚55’72.S 060˚40’44.W Telefon bay

19:33 Position         62˚58’81.S 060˚33’7.W       Whalers bay


Wind:                W7-8                

Temperature:     5


Slowly Deception appears on the bleu sky horizon, when we get closer wind picks up more.

Deception Island
Most people wake up to witness as we steam trough Neptune’s bellows. the Narrow entrance off Port Foster - Deception - the volcanic horse-shoe shaped island. Rob Navigates us safely trough this narrow entrance well aware off the ravens rock in the middle just below the surface. We sail a cross the crater to Telefon bay. Named after a ship that ran aground and was repaired here. After breakfast we go ashore near an inshore lake for a nice hike trough moonlike scenery. We meet with a group of about 7 ill tempered Antarctic Fur Seals. A good opportunity to make some close up pictures of these animals. Only at the South Shetland islands in a time period of 4 years 230.000 of these animals were killed for their valuable skin.


From here the hike goes downwards again, leading along the beach where lines of dead Euphausia superba - more commonly known as Krill have washed upon the shore. These are the crustaceans that are the main source of food for most penguins, seals, seabirds and whales. Without krill, Antarctica would be empty. We also find limpet shells, nematodes under the rock and some miniscule black springtails floating on the water.

Deception Island: a working vulcano. And you can sail and swim in it!

Heaving anchor after lunch and steam across to Pendulum Cove at the northeast side of Port Foster. The wind decreased but still quite chilly. But several brave crew and guest land on the black beach for a bath. With high tide and lee shore the water is to cold. But Maarten, Michiel Tjalling and Daan dig our private whirlpool heated by the volcanic activity. Some tough ones go for a swim open water of 1,6 Celsius brrrrrrrrrrrrr!

When Bart sets out for a hike along the coast, As we walk along the beach we see a lazy Weddell Seal gazing at us. Unfortunately the wind picks up severly. It’s saver to head back on board.

In the evening Many people set out for a stroll along the remains of the former whaling station and the British base at the end off the  beach you can walk up to Neptune’s Window which provides a superb view of the ocean from between two high cliffs where breeding Cape Petrels can be heard calling. Here too, Wilson’s Storm Petrels fly in to land to return to their nests. Around 22:00 we return to the ship.

xander_van_hoof says:
Yes we were lucky. The whole morning it was windforce 9. When we did it it was windforce 7, cold, but a thrill.
Posted on: Apr 28, 2008
mikevirgo0824 says:
Lucky you! YOu had hot springs at Deception ISland. All we had was 2 degree celsius water. No hot watering hole. It was also so windy so right after you get up from the water it felt like a million pins pricking your entire body!
Posted on: Apr 27, 2008
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Entrance Deception Island
Entrance Deception Island
Deception Island
Deception Island
Deception Island: a working vulcan…
Deception Island: a working vulca…
Swimming in Antarctica...yes it is…
Swimming in Antarctica...yes it i…
some remains of the former Whaling…
some remains of the former Whalin…
Deception Island
photo by: portia