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Humpback whales

Date: 14-02-07

Cuverville to Paradise

11:15 Position 64˚50’7.S 062˚31’88.W Floating a round in NekoHarbour

Weather: A calm day misty morning little snow in the afternoon                  

When we wake up the deckhouse is decorated with hearts and flower, its valentines day. Even the penguins seem to be a little nicer to each other.

In the morning we slowly steam to Neko harbour, breakfast is not even finished while a pod of humpbacks is spotted.

Humpback whales
When aproaching our destination we pass an ice berg loaded with Gentoo penguins. Suddenly the ship is surrounded by a pod of Minke whales. It’s a beatiful scene; an ice landscape covered in mist, full of floating icebergs. It is not possibele to see the difference between the sky and the water, so icebergs seem to float somewhere in between. Suddenly we see a group of 4 snow petrels flying around. Completely white animals with only a black eye, beak and legs.


A curious leopard seal watches us closely when we lower the zodiac and  dropping anchor and follows the zodiacs navigating between the icebergs to and from the shore.

Ashore we  have time to stroll along the beach packed with Gentoos. It is the first time we are at the continent itself! We also see a nest with two very young chicks. There is even a lonesome Adélie penguin, a specie we haven’t seen yet.

After a nice stroll watching some ice break of from the glacier close by.

Its lunch time but many people have a hard time leaving this beautiful spot.

Than we are underway to Paradise bay but halfway we are invited to visit Videla station a Chilean base. We have a look at the small museum and the quest for the white morph penguin doesn’t succeed. Its also hard to see with many covered in penguin guano.

Lots of ice floating by in strong current force us to go anchor up.

We stay a float with out anchor drifting around in Paradise bay.


After dinner we lower the boat for a moonlight cruise underway we encounter beautiful big red jelly fishes (Dipleumaris antarctica). Big pieces of ice the size of city busses break of with the sound of heavy thunder when we cruise past.

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Humpback whales
Humpback whales
Humpback whales
The researchers just finished coun…
The researchers just finished cou…
Happy Valentines day!
Happy Valentines day!
Valentines breakfast
Valentines breakfast
Videla (Chilean base)
photo by: xander_van_hoof