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Drake shake

20:00 Position         62˚46’9.S         065˚11’W


Wind:                Ne 4-5 later SW7-8      

Temperature:     0,2


Drake 2

A snowy and cold day

During the day wind increases slightly

And changes to the south west.

All according the forecast

With in creasing winds from behind we sometimes make up to 9 knots


With out the pressure in the staysails the ship roles heavily, some of the die hard birders are on deck to appreciate a several albatrosses sailing by. In total we see 4 species of Albatross today: a couple of Light Mantled Sooty Albatrosses, Wandering Albatrosses, Grey Headed Albatross and some Black Browed Albatrosses. Black-bellied and Wilson’s Storm Petrels follow the ship. Suddenly 4 hourglass dolphins are racing on the bow of the ship. 

Some times big waves role over deck several people encounter gravity on the big roles

Luckily no body gets severely injured.


Date: 21-02-07

Drake shake

Position                     60˚12’2.S         66˚54’8.

sailing the Drake passage from Antarctica back to Ushuaia


Wind:        WSW 6                     

Temperature:     3,8


The last 24 hours we have made a wonderful run 165 NM!! Some times up to 10 Knots.

Gert and his watch try to keep up the speed with setting more canvas against de decreasing winds.

When the wind turns against us we also have to call the help from the engines below but it will be shortly as the captain forecasts.


Mike gives a 3 dimensional lecture about stars and how to use them for navigating.


At sea, we don’t see many species of sea birds.

We see a Blue Petrel, well-camouflaged like the Prions, but with a distinct white tip on the tail. And there are a few Black-Browed Albatrosses too. But most of us reside in the deck house, since it has started drizzling outside and visibility is limited.


Date: 23-02-07

Drake shake

12:00Position                    55˚25’5.S         66˚26’3.W


Wind:        N 3-4                

Temperature:     9,1


When the sails were changed early this morning a group of Common Diving Petrels has landed on the ship.

always big waves at the Drake
All but one fly away. One lonesome bird is found in the machine chamber covered in oil. Bart tries to clean the bird, but it is a pity to say that it wouldn’t live to see another day.


At 8:30 Hourglass Dolphins keep us company again. They are bowriding but do not really jump out of the water. Still, they are unmistakable with their black-and-white pattern and broad dorsal fins. Further we see some Greater Shearwaters and dozens of Sooty Shearwaters.


Marco is the first to see land and he wins the competition.


In the afternoon a fine lecture is given by our Captain Rob, about the America’s Cup.


When we finally arrive at the Beagle Channel we spot in total 4 groups of dolphins. Probably all Dusky Dolphins. There is one big group of about 30 animals who follow us at a distance for over 1,5 hours.


At about 16:00 Tjalling gives a lecture about Tierra del Fuego and its explorers and Seaman.

sailing the Drake passage from Antarctica back to Ushuaia
He finishes the lecture with a movie about live on the carrier the “Peking”.


Just after dinner the crew is thanked by all of the trainees. Chris, Tracy, Donna and Jenny made an hilarious movie about the experiences of the people during the trip. It is shown at the lounge to all the people.


After dinner the all dressed up “Crazy Quizmasters” (Bart and Tjalling) do a showquiz. Everybody is very fanatical. There were questions about animal sounds, sailing, quotes and of course the potato competition. The one that makes the most original object from a potato wins the game.


The atmosphere is electric and every body’s dancing on deck. Jenny and John do some Rock and Roll, Ryann is doing some Limbo dancing. The last people go to bed at 4:45.

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sailing the Drake passage from Ant…
sailing the Drake passage from An…
always big waves at the Drake
sailing the Drake passage from Ant…
sailing the Drake passage from An…
sailing the Drake passage from Ant…
sailing the Drake passage from An…
Drake Passage
photo by: xander_van_hoof