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10,000 Buddhas-literally haha
Did the tourist stuff, saw 10,000 Buddhas Monastery which is a famous Buddhist monastery in Hong Kong and was located on the mountain behind Shatin Pai Tau Village nearby the KCR Shatin railway station. It consisted of five temples, four pavilions, one pagoda and one veranda.

Main building of the monastery is the Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple in which over 12,800 pieces of exquisite Buddha statues each with different posture were placed on the walls.

I find buddhas interesting so I really liked this place. On the way (a very steep hike up a mountain to get there), I climbed what seemed like alot of stairs. I saw people praying all along the way and it was a very quiet and peaceful hike. Then u got me and Tahne taking silly pics with the buddhas. How rude huh? :D

Next we went to my favorite restaurant in HK eatgarden  website is eatgarden.

I had to hike it alone coz Tahne broke her leg
com but it is in Chinese (Cantonese?). My favorite thing there was the ramen mmmm and the claypot chicken and rice which has a really good flavor. You pour some sauce over it and it sizzles. We wished we went here for every meal during our stay it was that good and reliable. Also, it was cheap. :)

Next we went on our tour and started off going on the Ngong Ping Skyrail which is 6 km (how many miles is that people?? haha) 25 minute ride over the city/mountains to get to Lantau Island. The view was spectacular! The only downfall is being stuck in there with a bunch of weirdo tourists (the thing holds like 15 people or something). We wanted to go alone so that we can take weird pics while up in the sky but that was not happening!

Upon arrival, we got to Lantau Island. We went to the Po Lin Monastery, saw a few monks, people praying, took pics. It was really nice and peaceful.

What I was waiting for was the giant bronze outdoor Buddha sitting 26 meters high and weighing 220 tons, it's the biggest outdoor Buddha statue in Asia. It was really cool!

Afterwards we walked around the streets of HK till we literally could not walk anymore. I got fish balls on the street which I was not impressed with. Supposedly they were really good-but I guess I don't appreciate fish balls :( hahahahha.

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10,000 Buddhas-literally haha
10,000 Buddhas-literally haha
I had to hike it alone coz Tahne b…
I had to hike it alone coz Tahne …
on the way up
on the way up
our fave restaurant in HK-we order…
our fave restaurant in HK-we orde…
mushroom chicken with rice and dum…
mushroom chicken with rice and du…