Christmas Day, more...eating???!!!

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The nexy day we get up and go to the mall (malls are so popular in the PI it’s what everyone does for the free a/c, malls are open and crowded even on Christmas day. The mall was packed!!!! Wow!!! Tahne had to mail something for work so that is why we went there.  She takes me to the new SM Bacolod, looks huge on the outside but inside it’s not that big. We actually walk around the entire mall in about an hour.  Yes, an SM is practically in every city in the PI.  I think I have been to over a dozen SM malls in my time! The ones in the Manila area are def. the best.  We also go to Robinsons Mall, and guess what? Eat! Tahne takes me to all the food stalls she wants me to eat at and the majority of them are like a heart attack waiting to happen, chorizo/sausage/longaniza  type of meats in a buttery waffle with sugary syrup, oily fries with mayo/cheese type dips, different kinda of ensaymada, mamon, etc.

Christmas Day, don't know how we ended up at Robinsons Mall eating batchoy
and I honestly don’t remember what else, but it’s all really BAD BAD stuff.  Another big thing in Phils, lots of food stalls at every mall! There isn’t even a food court at some malls, just restaurants and food stalls with snacks.  My fave food stall is the boiled corn pieces with butter/cheese. Yum-a-roo! So we finally get to her family’s house after eating the most divine “Banana Crunch Bread” basically banana bread with some crunchy sugary topping on top, wow. Also, shared some Siomai and Chicken Empanada. At her family’s house there are tons of people (not a surprise). They all welcome me with open arms.  They want me to eat right away, GEEZ!  Lechon, fruit salad, macaroni salad, embutido, and leche flan is the only thing I am familiar with. The rest is unknown to me.  I am pretty familiar with Filipino cuisine but I am more a fan of Manila kinda food (Tinola, Sinigang, Adobo, Pancit, Nilaga, Lumpia, etc.) Visayan food is different, lots of meat. I am more of a seafood/chicken/veggie eater.  The family is either around the table eating, playing mahjong, or the kids are in the room with the a/c playing on friendster, taking pics, and reading astrology type books aloud. 

TRE69 says:
Girl!!!! You eat more Filipino food than ME!!!
Posted on: Aug 15, 2008
alicegourmet says:
I bet the major activity over there is...EAT, EAT AND EAT! Haha...
Posted on: May 24, 2008
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Christmas Day, dont know how we e…
Christmas Day, don't know how we …
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