Do they really drug tourists in Thailand?

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Sukhumvit road; a bridge walkway leading to the sky train

I'm still recovering from last night. I remember glimpses of this and that and ---shaking my head..... I've got to get some real food in me! Last night I recall going out for food and...Put it this way, the stories of drugging tourists and taking their money is all true (Thailand scam#2)!

As everyone warns you, never take your eyes off your drink! Thank god I have a high tolerance (no wonder they kept looking at me funny probably thinking this idiot won't go out)! I'm alive and I don't really care. I've got bigger problems than worrying about being drugged and robbed. My younger years I would have entered a devilish rage ending up in a Thai prison forever. Years have settled me a bit so if I'm more or less intact, I'm good and I am  always grateful! I've had people try to kill me, me them, it's all madness.

Mouth sized mango fruits (you eat the skin and all)...tasty! I didn't even try the red fruit (they wouldn't just sell a couple and I couldn't eat a whole bag!)
.. I live for peace and if you want money, ask for it (for God's sake you didn't have to drug me)!

I guess some would say this is a horribly dangerous country but I seriously doubt even the worst areas compare to a drug infested Baltimore City neighborhood in the USA at night! It takes a LOT to scare me and so far, it's been a pleasant, WILD experience!


 I'm very easy going these days. Airline lost my bag and I just got it back tonight. I even had a Mountain Dew inside my back waiting for me (apparently they donâ��t sell this drink in Thailandâ��I admit drinking a lot of it)! With bags back in my room, (I only stank for a couple days!) shaved my teeth when I found my toothbrush and chiseled the dirt off myself for a long awaited shower....Whoa! Damn it, no hot water! I gotta get out of this hotel (they advertised hot water!!!)....Oh yeah (As I recall in all my previous business transactions) The default of Thai culture is to mislead and lie whenever possible (make note to self)!

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Sukhumvit road; a bridge walkway l…
Sukhumvit road; a bridge walkway …
Mouth sized mango fruits (you eat …
Mouth sized mango fruits (you eat…
photo by: Deats