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Mangoes, banananananas, pomegranate seeds, passion fruit, oranges (Thai oranges are better than Florida one's), Lychee's, Longan's some kind of tropical sugar plum, and a bunch of other exotic stuff!....MMMMMMMM!

I paid for 2 nights at this hotel (TAT Tourism office scam but what can I do). I�m off to search for a new hotel but I need to search for my jewelry supplier here soon. I picked this place in the jewelry district so hopefully I wouldn�t have to walk too much.


The next night, I decided to venture off to Patpong, as it is an historic landmark of Bangkok for a few reasons. The go-go culture was invented in Thailand, so were go-go boots (Patpong to be exact). It's the Haight-Ashbury of America's hippie movement. You must at least have a glance at Patpong once just to believe it exists. The scene- Girls (and I mean there were some girls amongst the women) were dancing on bars along the streets inâ�¦wait, those are underwear! â�¦About 20 at a time on stages in bars while men, women and in-betweens (whatever the hell you call these man/woman mixes they have here) watched. All up and down the street there were women chasing men, people just watching the chaos and loud music blasting out of the establishments (reminded me of Bourbon Street in New Orleans). I ws looking for the 5 star Restaurants (like Boubon Street but realized this was a smut only neighborhood and no other legitimate business were there to take advantage of the partygoers around. The street was packedâ�¦Some places with doors wide open, others with curtains obscuring something I'm sure was illegal inside. I suddenly realized all these women dancing were apparently for hire (ohhhh, so there's a purpose)! Wait, isn't this illegal? I read the King of Thailand cracked down onâ�¦OK, reality is always different (just like the US denies it Bombed Cambodiaâ�¦.So I'm there to see what the buzz was about in this historic place with Vietnam era buildings and establishments (some have not closed since the Vietnam War). I was talking to this German guy and a NZ guy thinking there was more to it, wanting to hear some history of how during the Vietnam war, this place housed so many US soldiers, etc. We were leaning against the wall outside of one of these places where it seemed the most activity buzzed about....the chaos, who's going where, deals going on, people arguing, people laughing-insanity compressed into a multicultural smut tour on a single block.

So we went along one area and the German guy said pointing, "every one of those women are men" (everything in Thailand is not as it seems)! I looked carefully and disagreed. I realized why so many were watching in these places (some for â��businessâ�� and some for curiosity). I became one of the curious because I've never seen anything like it on my side of the world. We started betting, â��Is that a woman or a manâ��. The German had it down. (I'm in disbelief) -looking at their feet, Adams apple or surgery to remove Adams apple, etc (they go through great lengths). Never seen anything like it.  Strange thing is this is a conservative Buddhist country (everything in Thailand is not as it seems) at the same time all this tween gender, prostitution and anything goes in the city! The German must have been drunk because if he couldnâ��t tell,, heâ��d walk up to a complete stranger and â��Check themâ��. I backed away, sure someone would swing at himâ�¦heâ��s groping complete strangers! Most laughed, grabbed him back or asked for his business. . If you're freaked out by transvestites, queens, the gay and tween gender scene,'ll be having a laugh or die 'cause it's pretty outlandish here (a complete shock to all I knew)!  I had my fill of strolling Patpong feeling sort of let down but also feeling like I saw what our soldiers must have seen during the war. I wonder if they saw all this gender bending stuff, too?  ...back to my hotel (I'm tired and I need to find a real hotel in the morning)! I need to stay away from these places and keep looking for the real Bangkok (Iâ��m sure itâ��s somewhere)!

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Mangoes, banananananas, pomegranat…
Mangoes, banananananas, pomegrana…
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