No luggage stranded in Thailand with the clothes on my back!

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Just a random side alley way in Silom, Bangkok

I made the 26 hour journey and I'M HERE! IM IN THAILAND!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot tell you how extraordinary Thai Airways is! 5 star service..."Sir, you need to drink a glass of juice every 4 hours because the air is very dry in here." In America, you're lucky to get a bag of peanuts and a soda and the kind souls were worried about my hydration and comfort- how sweet! The Thai airways flight attendants and their silken robes, the lavender, rose and tulip yellow seats were a refreshing change...the seats were wide and I had two to myself (don't fly first class 'cause their armrests don't raise so you can’t lie down and sleep)! Once in the air, they feed you then shut off the lights and close the shades and you sleep in a time warp 'till the next meal. The food was EXCELLENT! (I'll have to take a photo of the menu); better than any Thai restaurant in America and fresh tropical!


I got to the airport, waited 20 minutes through customs; another 90 minutes until I realize they lost my bags…so whatever I have in my carry on will have to do until tomorrow. I arrived and after reading TB, I knew where to go and what to do. I got a cab, said, “Meter” and told him Kao San Road…. Looking outside the window, I realize the infrastructure was quite advanced from what I imagined. Overpasses, freeways, toll booths…quite the advanced civilization over here!

The taxi drops me off at Kao San, and I start searching for the D&D Inn (I read about the prices and that it was a good deal for the dollar). Kao San Road reminds me of a walkway between the crowds at the infamous Woodstock hippy music festival in the 1970's! The smell of body odor, puddles of who knows what and the fringes of society from countries all over the parlors everywhere and tie dye tee shirts and smelly people wall to wall.  Everyone was nice but I tell you it was a strange, smelly chaotic zoo! The heat was stifling and you could cut the air with a knife! I rolled my little carry on computer case with my only precious belongings up and down looking for a hotel with an opening...big problem is the Chinese new year I didn’t' t know about had all the hotels booked!


I got the end of Kao San, met a guy in a TukTuk who advised I go to the TAT Tourism office (I thought was a great convenience) and they got me a hotel room at the Swan Hotel near Patpong for a couple nights. I learned I paid 2 ½  times the normal rate because the Tourism office jacks the rates and everyone splits the riches out of this poor suckered, ignorant tourist (Thailand scam#1 ).  The room reminded me of a large bathroom with cold white tile, a refrigerator and a large tile shower/toilet/sink room with a drain on the side of the whole deal. It felt clammy inside with a small single Brick of a bed with a lumpy pillow. This was home for two days

I checked into the hotel, and then decided to look at the night life to see what's happening. The Tuk Tuk guy, still waiting outside for me recommended a place....(big mistake)!

arlene0725 says:
I stayed at D&D aswell when I was there this past Sept 07. I had a reservation in advance so I was good to go. The great thing about D&D was continental breakfast was included. Bummer, the roof pool was under construction so I didn't get any 'ashpalt tan' in Bangkok.
Posted on: Mar 11, 2008
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Just a random side alley way in Si…
Just a random side alley way in S…
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