I've got to get the hell out of here; it's COLD HERE (inside and outside)!

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Photo of my back yard with the FROZEN POND! I can't leave fast enough! Just brown- not even any snow!

(that's a photo of my frozen pond in my back yard)!

Thailand will be the first place traveling alone out of the country. I’ve gone many places within the US alone and find it’s a lonely experience. Things seem to be a bit more fun provided you have equal spirits traveling together.


I’m in the medical field by trade but began buying and selling little knick knacks turning this into my new job.  I'm seeking to remove my middle man and pay for my trip with the savings. I'm looking for one man in an entire city with no information other than what he sells and I won't leave until I find him I'll wear two of his rings and ask around- "Who sells these?"!

OK,  I did it! The bargain air fare disappeared before my eyes as I watched the seats diminish which motivated me to click that CONFIRM button! (I looked around; it was 2am and nothing happened! The dogs are asleep, everything is quite. I imagined someone would come around the corner scolding me “How dare you go on vacation by yourself”!  Maybe my guilty conscience but I’m booked and I’m happy. I leave in only a few days, so I best get packed!

So I wake up at 5am, took the shuttle flight from Baltimore to New York waiting to board the 17 hour flight--THEY'RE STEALING A DAY FROM ME!  On the return flight, it will be like the movie Groundhog Day where I leave at 10am and arrive at 6am having to live the same day over again! (At least they’ll give me the day back they stole from me today)!

The prelude--what's gotten into me? Why travel alone? You know one motive- my new business (and I’ve never considered myself a business person). The second motivation is an unhappy home life full of bad decisions looking to get out of what rapidly became a less than kind relationship with a child hater (I have two beautiful children- had no idea she disliked kids in preference of the booze bottle but that’s what I discovered after it was too late). Come spring or summer, I should have moved on but in this domestic prison, I’m sure many of you can understand how it is. It’s just baffling to me why one presentation of how one is can be completely different when it comes to reality. So, we remain in opposite corners; a friendly truce until we can sell the house and part (then I will be free to see my kids as I please—even on holidays).


Now you have my reasons and motivation. I have always liked other cultures, other countries and it will be grand to visit a place on my terms, do what I want and relax!

I understand why people travel alone and seek other easy going people at the destination- a conglomeration of non-complainers and free spirits! Some people I find are quite fearful; thinking something horrible will happen every moment (like fear itself can actually have an effect on the situation-an illusion of control by worrying)?

I am far more fearful of something NOT happening and not having the opportunity to challenge the situation, meet new friends and further immerse myself into the culture.  In my past travels, for example I recall a bus breaking down. The drive shaft detached off the front portion grappled a pothole and catapulted the back of the bus into the air like a large metal dinosaur in his Olympic pole vaulting debut! Funny thing we were towards the back and got quite the ride! So people, chickens and children are tossed about. I look out the window just in time to catch this enormous drive shaft whirling the tops off of the palm trees into the jungle. I was in shock, thinking to myself this is BAD in a split second as a lady was picking back up her chickens and people were absorbing what just happened. 10 seconds later when the adrenaline wore off and everyone realize no one was hurt, everyone starts laughing like hyenas! My grandfather leaned down and said, “These people laugh all the time…it is crazy but what can you do?” This was my younger introduction into the realization that life is 99% of what happens and 1% of how you handle it. We waited 12 hours for the next bus to come by, double piled onto that one and left the broken dinosaur in the dust on to Chichicastenango, Guatemala.




Experiences like that and this website alone motivated me to go to Thailand all by me lonesome! It made me realize there are others in the world seeking happiness for many reasons and I hope to meet some TB’s there to share memorable experiences.
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Photo of my back yard with the FRO…
Photo of my back yard with the FR…
photo by: hyenas