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Bluff Knoll Peak and the road leading to the car park

I don't think it would be an over-statement to say that Western Australia is rather flat, especially to someone coming from the Alps. Thousands and thousands kilometers of beautiful beaches and coast line, an impressive outback, but not much to attract sight above the horizon...

It feels like it has been ages since I last climbed a summit. Is there any place I can go to practice my favorite sport other than Jacob's Ladder in King's Park? I guess the nearest serious mountains from Perth would be the volcanoes of Indonesia but this will have to be a project for a future holiday. Is there any topography in the Province of WA?

After searching on the Internet I was happy to see that there are a few summits (7) just above 1000m high, the highest being Mount Meharry at 1249m (OK this is not very high but it's only about 100m lower than Ben Nevis, the highest in the UK).

Unfortunately most of them are located pretty far up North. Of these 7 summits, one is 350km from Perth, all the way south close to Mount Barker in the region of Albany: Bluff Knoll Peak is the highest point of the Stirling Range at an impressive elevation of 1096m and with a vertical drop of 914m! I had to go and take a closer look.

After staying for the night in Mount Barker I arrived at the parking at the base of Bluff Knoll around 8.30. There were only 3 other cars. It was a cool winter morning, ideal for a pleasant climb. From the parking it is only a 650m prominence. That should be just perfect for a warm up.

However, strong cold winds made the climb a bit more challenging. It nearly felt as if I was in a Scotland... 

I reached the summit after 1 hour and 20 minutes. The 360 degree panorama from the top was great, with beautiful views to the East and West on the Stirling Range and on the ocean to the South, some 45km away. With the wind chill factor it was pretty cold up there. I was glad I had brought a polar fleece and a Goretex vest.

After 2 years spent in Perth, it was great to find out that it is possible to have a bit of a mountain experience in WA. I've read that this mountain range is basically the only place in the province where you may see snow in winter.

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Bluff Knoll Peak and the road lead…
Bluff Knoll Peak and the road lea…
The path isnt that good all the w…
The path isn't that good all the …
The summit is conquered!
The summit is conquered!
The view to the East
The view to the East
The view to the West
The view to the West
View from a distance on the Stirli…
View from a distance on the Stirl…
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