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It was just a month before that we decided that we will be visiting the historical place Hampi(Karnataka, India). I knew that this was not the right time to be there as sun mercilessly pours his heat all over Vijaynagar and Hampi. But this heat couldn’t win over our excitement to go to the ruined city, Hampi. It was almost 10 hours journey from Hyderabad to Hospet. It’s in Hospet that we get good lodging and good food. Hampi is just 15 to 20 kms from Hospet. My parents and aunt were coming from Bangalore and myself and my brother were supposed to meet them in Hospet. At 4 in the morning our bus entered a small town and I saw a temple made of big stones and a person sitting stiff and doing meditation. Now I guessed that I am somewhere near Hampi. My guess was right and we were at Hospet at 4:00 am. Both me and my brother being T-aholics went and had good tea. This was the first thing that we did there. Our parents and aunt arrived by 6 am. We lodged some where and started to get ready for a big day ahead.

Hampi is a 700 year old city built by Hakka and Bukka in the year 1336 on the banks of river Tungabhadra. It’s the capital city of Vijayanagar empire. They built the city under the guidance of Saint from Sringeri mutt called Vidyaranya. The city Hampi was built during the days of Mohammedan attacks. The palace was very much apt at that time. It was at the banks of river Tungabhadra and it’s full of rocky Hills. It’s really difficult to any one to cross those rocks to conquer the empire at that time.

The Vijayanagar Empire was ruled by the likes of HakkaBukka I and II , Virupaksha Raya, Krishnadeva Raya, Achyuta Raya, etc. It was under Krishnadeva Raya that Vijaynagar empire found its most prosperous days. Vijayanagara was at that time more prosperous and bigger than Austria. Foreign merchants were always there trading spices and glittering stones.

People used to sell diamonds and gems here in this open market of Vijayanagar like vegetables at the time of Krishnadeva Raya. Art and culture also prospered very well during the time of Krishnadeva Raya. Krishnadeva Raya himself was an acclaimed literaturist. During his reign the poets like Purandara Dasa, Tenali Rama Krishna, etc enjoyed honors and acclaims.

Vijayanagar also has the history dated to the Ramayana. The monkey in the picture is a kind I have not seen other than zoo, it looks very ferocious with its face black. There are many monkeys of different kind here.

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photo by: sky69