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bad storm in san francisco, got stranded for 6 hours on the runway

WE got a two day delay on our tour, we were suppose to arrive on a Saturday but because of the storm that we got to face in San Francisco we ended up  arriving on a Sunday evening...we were on the runway for six hours where i watched two movies, and after running out of food, the plane needs to go back to the gate for refills. So we have to stay overnight in New Jersey to catch our plane the next day. I was hoping that everything would be just fine after all the mishap in San Francisco, but while i was on the plane and waiting to take off, the captain just announced that we would be having another delay with our flight, something got broken on the plane and it would take  2-3 hours to fix it, so we have the possibility of missing our connecting flight from Milan to Egypt, and there i was saying to myself "if this trip is not ours', i would rather go back to San Francisco now.

we waited for the rest of the group here
"  Waited for 2 and 1/2 hours for the plane to get fixed and luckily i brought my ipod with me or else i would be bursting in anger.

When the captain announce that we were ready to take off, i felt a relief but yet still unreluctant of what's going to happen when we arrive in Milan.

Anyways when we arrived in Milan, we only have 10 minutes to catch our plane to Egypt, so we have to rush and run. I don't know how fast we went, but we were really fast. Me and my friend were just pushing ourselves from the line going to another gate(we need to pass another metal detector which is very nerve racking because of all the mishap that was  happening to us, and we knew that the other passengers were  getting irritated  because we were going right in front of them, but what can we do, we made four months of planning for this, and we don't want to miss another day.

dropping us off, train to aswan

Finally, we arrived in Egypt, our luggage was not in the plane, and we don't have any clothing items or toiletries. Our tour guide who was in the airport took care of the paper works for lost luggage, then we requested to stop by the market but he had no time to drop us off because we need to catch our night train. Long story short, we missed  the 2nd day of the tour and we have no refunds for this.

Tired, exhausted, yet i am excited that day. I have finally arrived in Egypt, my long awaited trip. I would experience my first train ride, a view of the only remaining ancient wonders of the world and i told myself that I would not let frustration get unto me after all the challenges we encountered with this trip.

demonstrating how ancient Egyptian makes the papyrus

While i was on the train, i felt  a little bit fascinated with the place, like the  plane they also have a stewardess here,  they are responsible in converting our sits to bunk beds. The room also have a personal sink, a night lamp where  you can also dim the light if you want too, and also have a radio which plays Egyptian music. The toilet, not the most sanitary one, it goes direct to the railways, so it gives you the warning not to use it when you are on a stop. I think i saw this scene when I was watching the movie "The Mummy" starred by Brandon Fraser. Anyways I can't afford to stay up all night, and had no time to meet the rest of the group. They were having a meet up at the center of the train where they have the bar, just decided to stay in our room and rest for the night.

cianmodel says:
ate,,, check mo na lang ang website...o nagcocollect ka na rin ng post card...o cge send mo address mo at send ko yung mga post card ko dito...
Posted on: Mar 02, 2008
aoisoba says:
huwaaaaaaaaaaaaawww! damimng pikachursss!!! pano ba yang contiki na yan!
Posted on: Mar 02, 2008
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bad storm in san francisco, got st…
bad storm in san francisco, got s…
we waited for the rest of the grou…
we waited for the rest of the gro…
dropping us off, train to aswan
dropping us off, train to aswan
demonstrating how ancient Egyptian…
demonstrating how ancient Egyptia…
overnight train ride to aswan
overnight train ride to aswan
there is a warning not to use the …
there is a warning not to use the…
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