The Great Salt Lake Isn't That Great!

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My buddy doing his best impression of Jesus.

Okay, so the Great Salt Lake is GROSS!  Sorry all you people in Salt Lake!  (I do have a friend that lives there)  I had been there once before as a little kid and don’t remember it being this disgusting.  My other trips to Salt Lake as an adult had always been for skiing/snowboarding, so I never thought twice about checking out the lake again.  This road trip, we were coming across from Reno and going by the lake was pretty much automatic.  So we decided to take a look.


We pulled up by this building that I recognized.  It took me a moment to process it, but I realized it was a strange looking building from a schlock horror movie I’d seen years before called Carnival of Souls!  Haha!  Well that was the beginning of a semi-surreal experience walking down to the edge of the lake.

  There were dead birds and fish all over the place.  Empty shotgun shells sprinkled around and crusty salt crystals that looked like ice on top of a pond.


Upon getting back to the Carnival of Souls building, we walk in to take a look at their “souvenir shop” LOL!  We asked about what was up with all the dead stuff out there and the shop keeper said that it was all the result of Cholera!  Sweet!  One of my friends had a wound on his toe and I teased him that walking around out by the lake that he probably picked up Cholera and was going to be sick as hell.  Of course you can only catch Cholera through ingestion, but he didn’t know that at the time.  The look on his face was priceless.


All I have to say is…I really don’t feel a need to go back to the Great Salt Lake!  :  )

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My buddy doing his best impression…
My buddy doing his best impressio…
This thing was nasty and kinda sum…
This thing was nasty and kinda su…