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G'day All,

How is life treating all of you?  I am doing pretty good.  Today was another weather extreme (which I am realizing happens quite often in Melbourne), it was 36 degrees and totally muggy and disgusting.  I am impressed with my weekend, I was pretty productive if I do say so myself!  Friday after work I decided I better make my way to the Big W (equivalent to Walmart) and get my life sorted slightly.  I still feel like I am living like a backpacker at times so I bought some sheets, new socks, slippers and another towel - all the little necessities I have been living without.  I am still sleeping on the floor and wearing the same clothes to work all the time but one step at a time right?!?  I then fell off the no drinking bandwagon when we went out to Madame Brussels and St. Jeromes for a few bevies (oopps).

Saturday and Sunday were meant to be gorgeous sunny days so Louise and I planned a little escape.  We headed out on another road trip.  I have actually been putting the kms on the car - 4000 in the last month!  So my driving skill is also luckily improving.  We set out on the Great Ocean road.  We stopped at pretty much every stop and thing there was so see along the way.  There were the most hilarious signs about every 20km or so saying "drive on the left in Australia".  I have never seen a sign like that here so I am wondering how exactly the people on the road got to that point if they hadn't already been driving on the left!  First stop was surf beach in Torquay (big surfer city with lots of big outlets like Quicksilver, Roxy, Rip Curl).  There were a few surfers in the sea but it was pretty windy and miserable so after a token picture we kept going.  Next stop was the golf course at Anglesea where we saw tonnes of real live kangaroos (much nicer than seeing them dead on the highway)!  It was pretty exciting as this is my first time seeing a kangaroo in Australia.  There were a few little babies and they were so cute.  Seeing them jump around was cool.  We then made our way to the lighthouse at Split Point and took a little walk and a few more photos.  We wanted our last stop to be Lorne - I was getting tired of driving and we were hungry.  Unfortunately that little beach town was booming because it was the last week of classes for the year 12s and all the "schoolies" came to party.  We couldn't find any accomodation so were forced to drive further.  After the windy, and slightly scary roads we made it to Apollo Bay were we checked ourselves into the Surfside Hostel - nothing too spectacular but cheap.  It's a small, chilled out town.  Belinda's English friend Ben was also there for the weekend so we met up with him and Laurie (an American girl) for dinner and some drinks at the local pub.  (kinda fell off the healthy eathing wagon too!!)  Laurie drove us nuts and I thought Louise might punch her when she called her bitter and kept talking about "me" and "I" in her annoying little way!  Some of the locals we met in th pub were interesting (greasy hair down to their butts) and were wondering if we were from around there??? ha!  We had a few too many glasses of wine and a few too many shots and paid the price the next day.  What was supposed to be a sunny 33 - perfect for laying on the beach with a hangover was more like a cloudy 23!  We leisurely made our way back home with Louise almost puking in the passenger side and a little stop for an ice cream in Lorne.  Later I will go the full length of the road but it was a nice little sampler.

If any of you would like to see some photos of me because I'm too lazy to post them on my own blog - check out Louise's blog at www.getjealous.com/louiseboyle and click on her photos.  I look like crap in a lot of them but you can see me at the races and playing the Didgery doo! 

Have a good week,


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photo by: jendara