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Hey everybody,

This is going to be a quick one.  Not very much is happening here.  As the title suggests, this week has been pretty much the longest one I've ever had.  The crap thing is that I don't even get a break this weekend as I'm taking 2 day course in Aquatic Therapy all day Saturday and Sunday and then straight back to Scope for my last 5 days.  I think it's because once you get an idea in your head you just want to get on with it.  This is definitely the case with being done work.  I have so much to do with handover reports for whoever will be taking over my caseload.  My filing and keeping up with paperwork has been a bit shocking... but in my own defence, I have discovered that I've worked with well over 60 kids in the last 6 months!  I also can hardly walk in my room for all the clothes on the floor and mess of papers and books everywhere.  I am not too sure when that will all get cleaned as I am on a plance to Perth at 6am on Saturday.  I'm wasting no time getting on with my holiday!!  I need a personal assistant (or my mom).  I have been looking for jobs and things in Calgary.  Nothing in Peads at the moment but you never know what might come up in the next few months.  I might be working at Moxies or something until I get on my feet.  I also realized that I guess I'll be using public transport as I don't see the purchase of a vehicle in my immediate future!  Aw well, I'll survive!  At least we get an extra hour sleep when we set our clocks back on Saturday night for the end of daylight savings.  Today was another scorcher - 37!!  Apparently last night was the hottest night on record for Melbourne for a March - it was 25 all night.  Even this morning when I left the house it was 27 at 7:30.  Not sure if it will be on the news but there was a horrific crash in one of the tunnels here today - at least 3 people died and hundreds of people had to evacuate the tunnel on foot. 

Well I've got to prepare for the course and get working on those 60 files (Fadz if you are reading this I think I might have to pull about 3 all nighters in a row like Scott Rob - we've got a decliner!!)


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photo by: jendara