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Hey guys,

I am very happy to announce that I am officially allowed to practice physiotherapy in the State of Victoria until October 5th 2007!  I found out about my license yesterday. Yay, all the hard work and hours at the photocopy machine paid off!  Thanks to any of you who may be reading that had to act as references probably several times over the last month or so.  Of course my employers are thrilled and the ball has definitely started rollling at a much faster pace now that they know I will actually be allowed to work for them.  I got a new "work" telephone today and I get the car on Friday.  I am just using one from head office until the end of November and then possibly getting my own new one!  Aren't I special?  I get to use it for personal use too so that's cool.  I guess I better finish reading the road rules by Friday!  Don't want any accidents in the work car...  I am especially thrilled that I will be getting a paycheque soon.  Up until this point I have been working for 'time in lieu' which will be nice come Christmas and New Years but it doesn't pay the bills.  I have been really stressed about money lately with all these expenses (rent, bond, computer, clothes for work...) and no income.

On my way to work today I had an awesome free breakfast.  It was opening day of the Spring Carnival here - the big horse races that take place in Victoria until the end of November.  I will definitely be going to that.  Everyone dresses really fancy in big hats and Louise and I can't wait.  Louise and I have been meeting up at least once a week to catch up, eat dinner and drink lots of wine.  We also make plans about all the things we need to see and do while here in Australia.  She is a really nice girl.  I have also had a chance to catch up with a few girls I met in Fiji that are from Melbourne.  My little network of friends is expanding!  Today I signed up for a Mediteranian cooking course and alsoa course about "Planning the Great Australian Road Trip" because I should probably do that.

The new pad is still taking some getting used to.  Belinda hasn't been sleeping.  I am wearing earplugs on a nightly basis because it sounds like semis are driving right through the front room.  We also have some little creatures living with us - ants all over the bathroom, slugs in the tub and baby cochroaches!  Oh joy, and guess who gets to kill them all!  Good thing I had some practice with these types of things in Guyana.  Our washing machine leaked water all over the floor the other day and still no fridge!  Ah well - can't you all just wait to visit???  If any of you would like to send cards and gifts, my address is 102 Princes Street, Carlton, VIC 3053

I am jealous that everyone will be eating turkey dinner this weekend and that I'll be missing out on time with the family but I get to go to Belinda's farm in Gibbsland for her mom's 55th birthday party.  Should be nice to get out of the city for a bit and see some "rural Australia".

Anyways, all for now,


wes_amy says:
Congratulations! That's so exciting- the Australian address is soo cool too! You're practically a native now. It's funny you always have to kill the bugs for all your wimpy roomates.

Take care,
Posted on: Oct 06, 2006
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