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Hey Everybody,

Does anyone else feel like time is totally flying by???  I cannnot believe that Christmas is right around the corner - there are big Christmas trees on display in the city and a big department store here is opening some big window display tomorrow (apparently a really big thing here).  It just feels so bizarre for me though because it is getting warmer and the days are getting longer and it just doesn't feel right!  I guess I will have to start thinking about shopping and sending stuff soon if I want it to arrive.

I've had quite a busy last few days and am just having a relaxing weekend this weekend.  Tomorrow I am taking my "Planning the Great Australian Road Trip" class which has become a bit of a laughing stock but I'm still excited.  We might also go to Belinda's farm to escape the city for a night.

Monday night  (Cup Eve), I went to my much anticipated DJ event and it was awesome!  I danced the night away with Sasha and Digweed and hundreds of others until the wee morning hours.  I actually fell asleep in the club and got woken by security - oopps. 

Tuesday was Melbourne Cup day - a public holiday and known as "the celebration that stops the nation".  It was Louise's idea to leave the city early the next morning for the races - I slept through my alarm but luckily woke just in time to brush up my makeup that I'd slept in from the night before, slip on my dress and my hat and run out the door.  I'm sure I looked like a piece of crap and I sure felt like one!  Louise, Saffina and I joined the masses of people boarding the train at Flinders St. station headed for Flemmington Race Course.  We made it at about 10:30am and set up our blanket on the lawn with all the other cheapos who only paid for general admission.  Did I mention that it was one of the coldest days here - only 15 degrees and completely cloudy.  The queue for the coffee was the longest one in there.  I wastn't too sure what to expect but I am really glad I went.  It was really something to see - women dresses in the most fabulous dresses with big hats and fascinators (pretty snazzy when compared to my entire outfit - hat, dress and shoes all for under $50).  Also quite a few hotties in suits ;)  There were so many people there that must be so loaded - Amanda was working in a restaurant there that was $1100 per head just for a pretty normal meal!  Some people had warned that I wouldn't even see a horse but we weren't that far from the track and I saw the horses and they were beautiful.  I also saw all of the colorful jockies.  The sound of thundering hooves as they races by was pretty cool.  We could also see everything on the big screens everywhere.  Unfortunately not long after we arrived Saffina's boyfriend was taking photos of us and dropped my camera and it broke.  I was so exhausted and upset that I started crying.  I was really disappointed that I wouldn't be able to take any pictures for the remainder of the day.  Kind of put a damper on the whole rest of the day.  It is still stuck with the lens out so need to get that looked at (also discovered I have no travel insurance for that kind of thing! - shit)  We had the most fabulous picnic with lovely cheeses, meats, pasta salad, Greek salad, smoked salmon, fruit salad and of course bottles and bottles of champers!  I had to place a bet on the actual cup race - that was educational.  My horses didn't win despite all my cheering (I was thinking my winnings might buy me a new camera).  I heard some facts about the bets that blew me away - over 73 million dollars in bets were placed on all the races that happened on Cup day (I think there were about 10 races total) and over 35 million dollars in bets were placed on the actual Melbourne Cup race.  Holy cow - I just can't fathom that!  Can you imagine what could be done with all that money?? - that could feed a small country for a year!!!  It kind of makes me sick to think of it.  It seemed like everyone got a bit crazy after that point in the day and I actually just wanted to get out of there after that - trashy, drunk people everywhere, tripping all over...  I took the crowded train ride home and went to bed at 7pm and didn't get up until the next morning.  I am really glad I had the opportunity to see it all because I am pretty sure I won't see anything like it again!

Other than that I have just been working like a mad woman.  I feel like I never have enough time in the day to do everything I need to do - but I guess that is always the case!  My patients recently have been amazing me - there are a few with really rare disorders.  Two of the diagnoses have only about 100 known cases worldwide - isn't that nuts? (NOMID Syndrome and Kabuki Syndrome).  Most of the time it scares me that I'm not doing the right thing and that they would be getting better if their physio was a bit smarter!  My co-workers are awesome though and so, so helpful and supportive so I consider myself really lucky.  They are so smart and willing to answer all of my questions.

I am looking into really brushing up my language skills for my possible career change - ha!  I am thinking of taking a French night course and possibly studying Arabic as well - we will see.  Me and my big plans!  I am not telling anyone about them yet because it will likely change about 20 million times in the next year!  I am actually considering staying here longer term as well because so far I really like it in Melbourne. 

Will write again soon,

Miss you all,

Picks (my new nickname)

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photo by: jendara