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Hey everyone!

Some of you may know that the weekend that just passed was a big one for sporting events in Australia with both the Aussie Rules Grande Final and the Rugby Final.  There were lots of people walking around the city with colored scarves supporting their teams.  I did watch about 15 minutes of the AFL game but I don't know any of the rules so it wasn't that interesting to me.  Belinda and I were much more interested in moving.  Yes that's right - I am finally off the couch!  A new month and a new pad!  Friday we anticipated the move for most of the day and had all of our things packed up in the car (between the 2 of us we only have enough stuff to fill a the trunk and the back seat) but the girls moving out of our place weren't quite ready.  Because the weather was gorgeous and we both had the day off work we decided to at least spend some time in the sun and took a stroll along the Yarra River in Southbank. 

On Saturday we again basked in the sun eating breakfast at a little cafe in Carlton.  We took the first step of moving our stuff (the small car load) into the new house.  However, it soon became apparent we might have a hard time actually staying there the night without anything to sleep on, sit on, cook it was back to Amanda and Dave's for another night on the couch/floor.  As Belinda has been living overseas for the better part of 4 years and all of my possessions fit into a backpack we are quite the pair.  We have quite a few purchases to make.  On Sunday we made a trip to the Australia equivalent of Walmart (Big W) and Target to buy a few necessary items - air mattress, towels and footpump.  I am really disappointed that there is no Costco in Australia (those who know me well will know how much I love that place).  We then had to move a wooden frame for the couch that Amanda didn't need anymore (and we are taking anything we can get at this stage) from Amanda's place to ours.  Now this item wouldn't fit in the we carried it.  Yup right down the sidewalk.  This wasn't just a little stroll either, it was probably a good 1.5-2km.  We took lots of breaks and got some interesting looks from people on the streets.  Along the way we found a fondue set that someone left for garbage so we picked that up too!  I am quite stiff today but it was funny - we even posed for a little picture at the end of it all.  Then off to the supermarket for some much deserved champagne to celebrate our hard work and official move.  We picked up a few items but had to be very selective with our shopping as we don't have a fridge until Belinda picks up her bar fridge on the weekend.  Our local supermarket/IGA has lots of little Asian treasures, is right on the corner and open until 10pm every night.  I think we will be there quite often in the coming months.  That is the great thing about our new place, it is right around the corner from the YMCA with gym/pool (so no excuse not to work out), right around the corner from a 24 hour convinience store (to go for a treat after your workout), within walking distance to the city.  It is quite cute and I will definitely post some pictures of it really soon.  It has a great outdoor area where we can have BBQs and parties.  It isn't without it's faults too though.  It is kind of old and a bit run down.  The other day I opened the cupboard and saw something like rat poison.  I didn't really look too hard, as soon as I read the word rat on the box I slammed the door shut as a chill ran up my spine.  I sure hope there is no rats!!  It is also really really cold, actually colder inside than outside.  I froze to death last night and it's nice out so will have to buy warm blankets.  It also is on one of the busiest streets in Melbourne.  We are doing a test to see who gets the room that's window is onto the street as it is pretty noisy.  It is super stressful for parking (well for me anyways) so I think I will be parking on a side street.

Still working at Scope but on a kind of conditional basis.  Think I will hear about my registration/license this Friday.  I am itchingt to make some money with all of the upcoming expenses - car, rent, bond, computer, bed and all house supplies...

Anyways I will post pictures of our little abode soon.  I will also be posting a link to a picture of me at the Parklife festival.  We are on a website but just need to find it.

Talk to you all soon,


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photo by: jendara