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How ya going everyone?

I'm doing pretty good.  It's all a bit strange to be in a new city with no real plan.  I don't think I've ever been in this situation before.  Especially after having been traveling like a mad woman for 6 weeks - moving around every few days and having things to do and see.  Now I'm here and I have things to do but at the same nothing to really do.  I am still on Belinda's sister's couch and Belinda is on the floor.  I feel like a total bum!  The long haired cat is annoying the piss outta me.  Everyone else goes to work and I just kinda hang out.  Today I am trying to get some things organized but it's also tough without your own computer.  I have an interview tomorrow that I arranged on my travels and turns out it isn't really in Melbourne afterall but in a suburb about 2 hours away via public transport - argh!  I'll go anyways just for practice if nothing else.  We have been looking for an apartment but it's hard to say where you want to live if you don't know where you'll be working and you have no idea what your budget for accommodation is.  I also have no one to be a reference and no job to put on the application form so that might be interesting.  There's also the whole 1 year lease factor which is tricky - I've only been here a few days and already need to be thinking and commiting to a whole year (when technically I can't even work in the same place for longer than 6 months!!)  I also have no license to even work as a physiotherapist here and no idea how long that will take to arrange...  Yesterday I was actually considering becoming a flight attendant for Emirates airline!  As you can see it's all a bit weird, overwhelming and stressful! 

We didn't get out to Belinda's parents' farm on the weekend as the car started smoking out of the hood on the way out of the city.

I'm sure everything will work out and it will get better when we actually get settled somewhere and I get some sort of action plan.  On the plus side, Melbourne seems like a really funky place to live and what I've seen of it so far is cool.  It's really cultural and ethnic and artsy.

I'll keep you all posted as my new life unfolds...


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photo by: jendara