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Hey Everyone,

I've said goodbye to the South Island and made my way to the North Island.  Tonight I am staying in New Zealand's capital city of Wellington.  It is very windy and cold and the moment, kind of raining on and off.

Yesterday we were in a cute little place along the coast called Kaikoura.  We signed up for whale watching but it was cancelled because it was raining and the seas were too rough.  Therefore we just sat around drinking tea, reading trashy magazines, eating chocolate and watching movies by the fire.  That is sometimes just the kind of day you need.

We drove from Kaikoura to Picton with only one stop to see a bunch of baby Fur Seal pups playing under a waterfall.  It was quite cool.  The ferry ride over was however not so cool.  It was firsh of all delayed by at least an hour leaving because of "rough waters".  When we finally boarded they warned those that were sea sick to take something because "conditions on the Cook Straight were less than favorable".  The first bit through the Marlborough Straights was lovely and smooth - I was taking pictures and even saw a few dolphins.  But once we got out to sea, quite a few people were wretching and getting sick but I was actually okay - thank God for a few Gravol. Waves were crashing up on the windows which were so high up.  The lady actually warned us that the place were were sitting at the very front was the worst and "shocking".  I found the big swells first from front to back and then from side to side to be quite soothing and relaxing.  When getting up to use the toilet, you couldn't walk straight and it felt like when you drive down a steep hill really fast and your stomach rises into your throat.  It also felt like your feet were lifting off the ground and you were floating.  I was having a gay old time but a few ladies were actually crying!  We also were majorly delayed getting into the city as the harbour was really windy and they couldn't "birth"the boat.  Translation= really long day for us.  On rhe map it looks really small but it's actually a 3 hour ferry ride across (our ride was more than 5 hours today). 

I am now at base Backpacker's hostel downtown.  A few of my new "bus buddies" just went for tapas and wine at a cool place on Cuba street called the Matterhorn.  It was great.  Tomorrow I am looking forward to a sleep in and some wandering around the city.  I have been hanging out with Sarah and Hannah - 2 girls from London that are Speech Therapist and very nice and fun.

I just had to let you know "Jude Law"or his friegan twin brother in a younger model is on our bus.  He has lead to many a conversation and a stare - yaow!!!!!!!!!!!

I will update again soon,


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photo by: lealealou