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I am not even sure why I am taking time to write in my blog right now because I actually don't have any time!  I have hit a wall so to speak.  I am getting my ass kicked (again) by my procrastination - when will I learn???  Today is officially my last day of work for Scope however it's 11:30pm on a Friday night and I am still doing reports!  This is like the Scott Rob fiasco deja vu!  I worked like a little beaver all day Thursday at the office on the computer getting a sore back stayed up until 5am last night until I could not hold my eyes open for one more second and only got 32 reports completed.  That is impressive if I do say so myself but still a problem, considering you have over 70 total do to before 5pm!  I got up at 7am and started again.  I honestly was a machine and didn't waste a moment of time (up until how)    Yeah it didn't get done.  The nice trip to clean the car, drop it off at head office and get a cab back to where my office is during rush hour didn't help matters.  The printer was smoking right up until the moment the cleaners started turning off the lights and telling me get "out of the school now, the alarm will go off".  I grabbed all my papers in a disarray, shoved them in a massive box and left.  I was actually locked in the school parking lot.  I tried to climb the fence but it with my box and backpack was too high.  I burst into tears.  Thank god the man was still there when I knocked and knocked desparately to be let back in.  He came to let me out.  It was like a nightmare!  I can't escape Scope!!!  So now I am in a real pickle.  I wasn't planning on going back there but I guess I will have to or have to have one of my colleagues get the stuff to take it into work in some kind of organized fashion.  I have files and note and charts and who knows what else in my box.  I trucked that thing I'd say a good km or more to the train station (as I am now carless).  I also have a plane to catch at 6am (need to be at the airport at 5!!) and haven't packed a single article of clothing.  I guess I am taking all dirty clothes!  I don't know how the English couple Belinda found to move into our house (my room) are going to get on walking over all my shit as I haven't exactly had time to tidy the place up.  I just want to go on holidays!!!!!!!!!!  If I ever put off doing my paperwork again someone please punch me in the head or something - this is ridiculous!  Thought I would also let you know that ANOTHER person resigned from our team - it is a sinking ship.  Glad I got outta there while I still could!  I applied for a job at the Alberta Children's in Calgary though I don't think I have enough experience.  I am as always aways thinking ahead to bigger and better things and seriously considering going back to school (mom you'll be happy at the country I'm thinking!! - Scotland!)  I know, I know, I should probably get back on Canadian soil for awhile, at least to make a little tour and say hello to all of you before getting back to my restless little self.  I am really happy I will be spending 3 and a half weeks with my life coach (Louise), I'm sure she'll help me sort it all out!

I am considering starting a new blog as there are a few little rats in here reading my stuff that I would prefer stay out of my business.  I'll let those of you that I do want to continue reading know if I change my site.

T-5 hours and counting!

Righto, back to work...Hannah

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