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After all the fun on the weekend, Monday didn't seem so fun.  I had my first school and home visits booked.  I had printed all sorts of maps and directions off the internet and left what I thought was plenty of time to get to my first school - wrong!  I ended up missing a turn and then going away from the city, and then back towards the city.  I kept pulling over to look at my "Melways" about an inch thick novel of maps of Melbourne and area but not really finding anything and just getting more and more lost and more and more upset.  By that time it was also rush hour.  I started crying and I just couldn't stop.  It was a bit of a breakdown (I even had to call mom).  Needless to say I missed my first appointment and almost didn't go to the second because I looked like a freak with puffy red eyes.  I called the school to explain the situation and luckily spoke to the nicest lady (the school nurse) who coached me through pulling off the road, getting some air, getting a drink...she was so nice.  I was thinking afterwards it would almost be the equivalent of saying to someone here is a car and a bunch of maps for Vancouver and area - you find your way to 2 schools and 2 homes!  As if that isn't hard enough, remember I am on the other side of the road and getting used to road signs, have no frame of reference of what is east vs. south...  There are some big differences - the roads are really skinny here, they fly at like 80km through certain residential streets and you also have to share the road with trams and drive on tram tracks.  I swear I am going to have a million grey hairs when I get home.  At that moment I was really ready to just throw in the towel and come home but then I remembered I actually can't even come home because I don't have a ticket and I just signed a lease for a year!  Anyways I am sucking it up and trying to get positive.  The driving will only get better.  A few of the kids I have seen were really cute and I actually did feel like I kinda knew what to do - some of the others are really disabled though and it is really scary.  Belinda keeps telling me I need to chill out because I guess I have been a bit of a basketcase.  I was thinking the other day that when I learned about culture shock in the past they said that the initial 3 months is the honeymoon phase.  Well guess what, I've been gone just over 3 months now and I can assure you the honeymoon is over!  Ha! 

On a brighter note, we went to a movie last night so that I could try to get my mind off things because I am almost making myself sick with stress and worry.  It was fabulous and we laughed almost the whole time.  Highly recommend "Little Miss Sunshine" to everybody.

Talk to you soon,


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