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Hey everyone, greetings from downunder!

Unfortunately can't use internet at home anymore because we are getting charged outrageous fees so just a quick note from work.  I actually just got out of our team meeting with champagne and nibbles - very nice!  A few sad goodbyes to some of the team members moving on next year.  Lots of Christmas wishes and holiday plans.  I only have 2 more days now until I am officially on holiday - can't wait!  I swear the last 2 weeks have been going by so slowly.  I have a lot of paperwork to do but I keep putting it off as per usual!  I have discovered that doing paperwork like reports and other BS is not "my thing" (not sure yet what exactly is "my thing" but I'll keep you posted!!)!  I also have a lot of things to organize before I go away but not much is getting done.  I haven't bought any Christmas gifts yet and no baking done...Louise suggested I do it after getting home from the pub on Christmas Eve!! (mom I need the recipes please!)  Should be tasty.  We haven't put up a tree yet and I kind of think it won't happen - I'm over it now to be honest.  I am just pumped to go away!

The last week or so has been pretty eventful.  During the week I went on a total ant patrol to try to get rid of the bastards after waking up to literally hundreds if not thousands of them crawling all over the counters as I was trying to prepare my breakfast.  They were crawling out of the kettle as I was trying to make my coffee and in my bowl before I even poured the cereal in!!  After reading some internet sites I armed myself with vinegar and wiped everything down and then put baby powder all around the cracks (they will not climb over it, funny to watch).  It worked for a few days and they now have an alternate route not by the powder and have invaded again.  If anyone knows of any other solutions please share.  I have bought 2 different types of bait and they don't even go for it.  They are driving me insane, like seriously insane!!  Belinda, Will, Amanda and I went to Phillip Island on Saturday.  It was a nice little drive out and we spent the afternoon exploring the "Nobbies" where the seals live (although you could just barely see them in the binoculars as they were so far away), wandering in the little village, picnicing in the park, strolling along the beach and then went to see the world's smallest penguins (ferry penguins) come in from sea to their burrows.  They are so cute!!  I didn't think they would be so small.  You have to wait until after dark so see them and it was a little chilly but worth it.  Sunday we soaked up a little sun and did a few things in the city and finished the day off with a brilliant play at the Arts Center Spiegeltent called "La Clique".  It had singing, trapeze, contortionists, "bite-sized belly dancer", really hot muscly was hilarious and extremely entertaining.  After watching a tonne of commercials about melanoma and hearing all these horror stories about skin cancer, I decided it would be wise to get a few moles checked out yesterday and I shouldn't be too alarmed (this might be too much information for some readers - sorry).  You should see the commercials though - the doctor cuts this massive chunk of skin out of a 23 year old girl!  Last night I went to the Neighbours night at the Elephant and Wheelbarrow pup with Louise and her sister who is over visiting from Glasgow.  People from Canada don't know the show (I don't think) but it's an Aussie soap opera and it's really big in the UK.   A few of the actors from the cast were there taking photos and making the rounds - the brits were loving it!  Snapping photos like no tomorrow.  I wasn't too bothered obviously but it was still a good night out.  A little too good in fact - I was struggling big time this morning!  Maybe going out on a weeknight isn't the best plan I've ever had!!  I would be interested to know if Grandma Nicoll, Joy, Avril, Sandie... know Neighbours?  I saw Harold (the legend), Toady and Lynne Scully in case anyone is wondering!  Tomorrow I want to go check out the night market and might catch an outdoor movie in the Botanical Gardens on Thursday night.  So that is what I have been up to and will be getting up to.  Melbourne is a really great place!

Anyways I will be in touch with many of you over the coming days to send some Christmas cheer! (not all the cards are in the highly doubtful they will get there in time - some are though- it's a start!!)


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photo by: jendara