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Hey everybody, not much to report as of late.  I am just working away like a busy little bee and I keep vowing that I'm going to get more organized one of these days.  I have papers and folders and files everywhere and can never find what I'm looking for.  I've spent quite a few days in the office lately trying to schedule all the clients in and it's a logistical nightmare.  I sit with my map, my phone, my list and somehow 8 hours flies by and I don't really get much accomplished.  Today I saw quite a few of my little kiddies - it was great to finally be out and actually doing something other than sitting on my ass.  I have a few new really unique cases and some strange equipment needs and all sorts of things to keep my mind busy.  I am going to see someone in the pool this year so that is something new and exciting.  I write down about 20 questions a day to ask Penny (thank God for her).  I have been making a little assignment for myself every week to study something so that I feel like I'm getting smarter because most days I feel like a total dumb ass who may as well have not even studied physio at uni for 5 years!  I have started to look into what it might take to stay here longer (writing the OZ exam or maybe moving to another state)... 

The weekend in Metung with the Healy's was nice.  It is always good to get away from the city for a bit.  We relaxed on the beach and did a little fishing.  It was too windy for waterskiing this time but maybe some other weekend.  The weather was stinking hot on Monday and Belinda and I had a cute little picnic on St. Kilda beach after work and watched all the kitesurfers.  Now that is something I would like to try, looks like so much fun!  Tonight I am going for a movie night at one of my client's homes.  Her mom is so awesome - she is actually an Australian version of Karen Clymer (she is her twin - everything mannerisms, looks, laugh...)  I am probably going to take an Arabic class for 16 weeks in the near future.  Don't really know why but why not really?  This weekend Camilla is coming to visit from Sydney so it will be great to catch up with her.  She is just back from her 9 week honeymoon in South America.  The whole gang of us (Belinda, Sarah, Amanda, Dave, Susan.....) are also going to Good Vibrations music festival on the weekend with some big names - Snoop Dog, Beastie Boys, Timo Maas, Desyn Masiello -  so should be good.  The pest control people called today and they are finally going to get on the ant infestation (my trial with honey mixed with the poison did attract them in the thousands but didn't kill many as they are all still hanging out on the kitchen counter!)  I guess that is about all that is news with me.  It would be nice if someone left me a comment every now and again!


tdl22 says:
oh han whats next?
Posted on: Feb 12, 2007
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