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Hey everybody, You can all mark your calendars - I will be back in Calgary on Saturday May 12th. The fact that Westjet stops flying to Hawaii over the summer helped me decide the date I'd be leaving - a bit earlier than I originally planned but maybe a good thing as I will not have an income to bum around for too long. I picked 2 discount airlines so that might be crap for a longhaul flight but I splurged and got a meal and the entertainment so I don't poke my eyes out all the way to Hawaii. I guess breaking the journey up a bit will help as well. I will leave Melbs on May 7th and fly to Honolulu. Since I was there already I thought why not spend a few days checking it out?? (I am in need of another vacation - ha!) I am going to couch surf so it will be free accommodation. I've already sussed out the people I am going to try to stay with - they seem legit! This weekend was fairly uneventful. I am putting off the inevitable mission of having to clean my room and organize all my stuff. I also have a tonne of paperwork, filing and tying up loose ends and handing over my clients to whoever the next physio in my position will be. My manager finallly read the e-mail about me quitting on Friday afternoon. So I stressed and had butterflies in my stomach all day Thursday, Friday and all weekend awaiting the "meeting". I suppose I will have to do that tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes, Not much more to report for now, Will update again soon, XHannah
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photo by: jendara