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Hey everyone,

I am sitting at the work computer sweating like a pig.  It is so hot in this school because it's so hot outside.  It was supposed to be 32 degrees today - gorgeous.  Yesterday was 31 and we had quite a few visitors and beers in our backyard after work.  I feel sorry for you poor souls in cold Canada.  I am just loving it (but would be loving it a lot more sitting on a beach somewhere instead of inside).

This is actually the first week I have worked a full working week in more than 3 months so it has felt like it should be Friday since Tuesday!  If any of you would like to check out the website of who I work for it's  I have been trying to schedule all of my little kiddies in - some might not think that sounds like a chore but trust me it is.  I have been sitting in this little office with about 40 files, 100 post-it notes I've written on, highlighters of every color, a map of Melbourne with all the suburbs I need mapped out and the phone.  I have left so many messages and no one calls me back.  Most people also don't understand my accent on the phone.  I have been forced to start using some Australian vocab because it's the only way to get the point across.  The website has become my new best friend because it plots out maps and gives shortest distance and also travel time between point A to point B (because I have no idea if I schedule someone in Box Hill if I will be in Croydon to see the next one in half an hour or what)!  I am still feeling really anxious about the whole thing but I guess the only thing to do is jump in head first.  I have quite a few visits planned by myself on Monday.  Tomorrow I go to get the car (still haven't finished reading the road rules yet which I guess is a must-do before tomorrow!  Watch me get in an accident on the first day!)

We are slowly settling into the house.  Some of our culinary delights have been interesting.  We usually don't feel motivated to cook at night and trips to the local IGA and 7-11 equivalent don't really give much inspiration.  We have been eating eggs on toast, bean wraps, hummus (everyday), green tea and instant coffee, canned spagetti sandwiches (yum!).  Everyday I take peanut butter and jam sandwich to work!  (There's only so much we can store in a beer fridge).  We are collecting some decor from various sources (beer bottle caps on the wall) and I am offering to take anyone else's junk (another physio brought me all her old kitchen stuff yesterday).  So basically our house is slowly becoming a home! Ha

We have some pretty big plans for the weekend: Fringe Festival comedy act tomorrow night, cooking course on Saturday day and big DJ night (Jimmy Van M and Jon Carter) on Saturday night.  Sunday will entail a trip to the Dandenongs - need to start roadtrips with my new vehicle you know!

I booked my tickets for the Melbourne Cup horse race so pretty stoked about that.  Oh yeah, also signed my life away for a year last night too (my house lease) so I guess I better get used to calling Melbourne home (not so bad if you ask me).  But I must run because if I stay too late I'll set off the alarm at work!

Talk to you all again soon,


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photo by: jendara