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Hey everybody,

I haven't been writing lately because nothing really that exciting has been going on in my life.  I have been doing an awful lot of sitting on my ass which is kind of unusual for me.  I feel like a complete bum to be honest.  I am still sleeping on the couch...  It's kind of strange because when I was in NZ moving around almost everyday and super busy I couldn't wait to settle in one place and just relax.  Well now I've been in Melbourne for 2 weeks I am going stir crazy and can't wait to be doing something. 

I am in a strange dilemna at the moment.  To those that know me well you won't be surprised.  In true chaotic seeking, unorganized, life in a bubble, spontaneous, "Hannah style" - I came to Australia with not that much organized.  I didn't have a job, I didn't have a license to practice to physio here, no place to stay, one friend, no plan...  So I've been learning a few lessons and getting a bit of a reality check about how things work around here.  I think one woman in an interview I recently had put it like this "well most people wouldn't just jump on a plane to Australia without first organizing this".  You see you can't really get a job before you are registered and you can't get registered before you have a job and you can't get insurance until you get registered and you can't get a job until you have insurance.  You also can't just do a random temp job because you don't have a tax number and you have to wait 28 days for a tax number.  You can't get a place to live without a job and an employer to vouch for you.  I also realized I have no furniture or anything for a place.  Did you know I probably need to buy a car too and drive on the other side of the road all the time?  It has been a bit of a nightmare to say the least.  Anyways it has been an adventure and a bit stressful to say the least but things are looking up.

I had 3 interviews in 4 days (an all time record for me) and I got offered 2 of the jobs.  I will be working soon as a physio in the disability sector.  It's a big organization called Scope.  I will be working with kids from babies to 18 year olds in schools and the community.  I have an awful lot to learn but I'm really excited at the same time.  The employer is very keen - already talking about me staying on for 4 years and buying me a car and all these really overwhelming things. (maybe I'll stay if they include a husband in that package, or a boyfriend even...) 

Everything is in the beginning stages so don't want to jinx it too much but will update when I know more.  Belinda and I also found a really cool house in North Carlton close to the city.  We will hopefully be moving in the next 2 weeks.  It is a really old, cute terrace house.  I am commiting to a year so I really hope something gets organized with my working holiday visa which is technically speaking only valid to work in one place for 6 months.  We have been hitting the town a bit and it's been fun. 

Anyways as you can see life is simple but still very stressful trying to ground myself in this city. 

I love hearing what you guys are up to at home so drop me a line sometime, I also have a mobile now and cheap phone cards so I will be calling some of you soon - I promise.

Take care,


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