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Hey Everyone,

It is so annoying - we got the internet hooked up at home the other day but it won't work (we got spyware or some virus thing) and I am having to go to the internet cafe again... This will have to be a quick update.

I will admit that the last 2 weeks have been really rough!  I have had my fair share of complete breakdowns and probably could have jumped on a plane home if I actually had a return ticket or some money to get home (I guess being locked into a year lease doesn't help matters either)!  I have really been contemplating why I always come to foreign countries in search for something that I can't quite find.  I am never really happy and just kinda wander around aimlessly wasting time and money!  I have really been thinking about possibly going back to school to study something else.  However I don't want to waste anymore money or time on something else if I'm not completely sure about it.  It is really crazy because a lot of the people I have been hanging out with have also been having this so called "quarter life crisis".  It is very bizarre - we don't know whether we should go to therapy, get a psychic, read a self-help book, go on vacation...  Anyone with any tips please share!  I have just been so, so stressed with work and everything happening there.  Everyone at work knows and they have all been quite worried and really supportive.  I am really exhausted and feel like I need to come home and read a million things about all these diagnoses and treatment and equipment...but just don't have the energy.  The driving is still really making me nervous and anxious as well.  Thank God for allowing U turns here because I pretty much do them all day long.  I am always lost and always running late.  I also side swiped a parked car last week and scraped the company car!  Oopps.  I haven't told anyone yet, I keep working at it and think I might be able to get most of the marks (from the other car's bumper) off my car!  Oh brother!  I actually had a grey hair in my eyebrow this week and thought uh oh - it's all going downhill!  However I am trying to be as positive as possible and stick it out at least until Christmas and see how I go.  It's weird to even think Christmas is right around the corner but we have been discussing Christmas parties and I noticed a big x-mas tree went up in the city.

I am also trying to get into more of a routine life - maybe get some sheets and a duvet and a a few more pairs of pants to wear to work, some shoes that don't have holes in them...you know what I mean.  I just don't have enough hours in the week to get everything done.  But I'm sure we all know what that's like!  I also need to get my fat ass to the gym and do some exercise so I feel a bit better (let off some steam)!  I have also made it my new mission to find a man.  I am almost 26 years old for goodness sakes, I need some positive male attention asap!  Any tips in this area also appreciated!

Anyways this weekend we had our housewarming/Halloween party.  The theme was 'Monster Mash'.  It was a complete flop.  Friday we searched for costumes (which is a little tricky in a country that doesn't celebrate Halloween) but found a few odds and ends from thrift stores.  I went as Frankenstein.  Saturday we shopped most of the day for decorations, food, candies, and alcohol and made the house look fabulous.  We got a friend who is a DJ to set up all his stuff and everything.  We were expecting about 30 ppl and only 12 showed up!  All that effort for nothing!  Today the house is a complete disgrace but neither Belinda nor I can be bothered cleaning it.  The ants are having a hayday!!  That will be a project for tomorrow (along with my 50 million other things on my list).

We sprang forward for daylight savings and I think those of you in Canada fell back - just be aware of the new time difference if you're going to call (not that most of you call me anyways!)

Oh and since I still haven't gotten around to posting any of my pictures, I thought some of you might like to see what I look like now a days.  This is Belinda, Sarah and I at Parklife a few weeks ago:

http://www.tranzfusion.net/gallery/showphoto.asp?id=14045&eventid=5743&curpage=6&AlbumName=Parklife%20Melbourne&SearchString =

Will update again soon,


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photo by: jendara