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Merry Christmas all!

It doesn't exactly feel like it here, I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off the last few days trying to get everything done for work first and now for my trip. 

The last 3 days I've been driving along the Great Ocean road with Louise, Nicola and Angel.  We had an awesome time!  Friday we left Melbourne a bit later than expected but got on the road about 2pm with the Christmas CD cranked to the max.  We did pretty much a carbon copy trip of the one Louise and I had already done with stops in Torquay (trying to find the place where there was a shark attack last week), Lorne for a picnic in the rain, Lighthouse, Anglesea to see the kangaroos on the golf course we also made a stop at Kennet River and saw lots of Koalas sleeping in the trees.  That was pretty cool because I hadn't seen any yet.  They are really cute!  The weather was on and off sunny and then raining all day which was a bit disappointing.  We stopped for the night in Apollo Bay in the world's nicest hostel ever!  It is brand new and we were in a 4 person family room.  We cooked a really nice pesto pasta dinner in the spotless kitchen and drank lots of wine and had some good laughs in the posh lounge room.  Saturday we got up and back on the road.  First stop was Shelley Beach but it included a 25 minute (each way) hike down the the beach and the "lazy bones" and the smoker in the group were not too impressed to have to walk all that way so we kept those type of stops (that meant exercise) to a minimum today.  We drove through some nice rain forest type roads in the Otway National Park.  We stopped at the Otway lighthouse but only Louise and I went to check it out.  It was the first time I actually got to climb up in a lighthouse.  We continued on until we made it to the Twelve Apostles.  It was pretty busy and really gorgeous.  I took a tonne of photos!  The water along the coast of Victoria is the most beautiful shade of blue/torquoise.  It was then only about 10km to the town of Port Campbell where we staying the night.  We couldn't check into the hostel until after 5pm so we had another picnic on the foreshore, a beer in the sun, and then went a little further on the track to see the Arch, London Bridge, the Grotto.  That night's hostel was not quite as nice but still pretty good in comparison to some I've been in.  Port Campbell is just a little place, basically one street, and it was pretty quiet.  Maybe it was the time of year but some places were closed and there didn't seem to be much action going on.  We cooked another dinner, had more wine and BSing and then we went to the local pub for a few.  Sunday we started the day off with the obligatory coffee and made on our merry way back to Melbourne.  We listened to the Fox FM "gotcha calls" which are pretty funny.  I did quite a lot of driving over the past few days but it was great fun and really happy to do it.  I have to clean the car later today and hand it back in.  I have been running around the city trying to get a few things and it's crazy with all the last minute Christmas shoppers - good thing I'm not getting anyone anything!  I will try to attempt some poppycock for the Healy's later tonight and some packing!  It doesn't feel like Christmas at all.  I will spend the day with Belinda's family and also my friends (2 Christmases!!)

I hope everyone has a great next few days!  Santa comes here first so I think we'll get the best presents ;)


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Port Campbell
photo by: liekevo