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Today we continued further east to Rangitukia.  It wasn't too long of a drive.  We stopped to have a look at the village where the movie Whale Rider was filmed.  I haven't had a chance to watch it yet but it is supposed to be really good.  We also walked along a really long wharf (660m) in Tolaga Bay.  We then arrived at Eastenders farmstay.  It was absolutely in the middle of nowhere.  It was hilarious to see Hannah and Sarah (both from London) turning up their noses saying - "this is where we are staying?"  It was basically a little hut for a kitchen, another little hut for the bedroom and a bathroom.  There was also a barn, pigs, goats, sheep and horses.  I decided the day was going to go by pretty slowly if I didn't sign up for the activities therefore I partook in both the horseback riding and the bone carving. 

The horse ride was fantastic.  We had to give an indication of our skill level - I= idiot, never riden a horse before; S= sweet as, know what you're doing on a horse; F= fucking legend.  Ben the American had never riden before, I picked S to be on the safe side and Hanna put F.  She got put on this green horse they had never used with travellers before.  The guy that owned the horses was a pretty funny Maori guy.  He had no arm.  Ben got a 5 second lesson and he was sure to give me a big whip.  My horse's name was "Just Juice".  We rode through the countryside and then to the beach where we galloped along.  Ben was shitting himself - I would have been too.  He didn't know a thing about horses and his was basically having a runaway.  We went right up to this cliff that overlooked the farmland and the coast.  It was about a 2 hour ride and awesome!

Meanwhile back at the farm my design for my cow bone carving had been cut out and I just needed to make it smooth with this drill thing and then sand it down.  I think the guy felt sorry for me though, or knew I was just making more of a mess of it than anything as he pretty much did it all for me (art never was my forte!).  It actually isn't that nice - the inspiration I got from the book of patterns looked much nicer than what I ended up with.  I probably should have just bought one.

We had a Hangi meal but it wasn't very nice.  When it got dark at about 6pm there wasn't much else to do but stare at the bonfire for about 5 hours.  We roasted a few marshmallows and played "Eat the Box" which I am actually very good at.  I won the game.  Everyone was wishing Halo had given us a better indication of what was on this farm and we would have brought a lot more alcohol.  It was another very cold night's sleep - this time I needed my toque and mittens, jacket and socks. 

We were some of the first in the world to see the sunrise and the beginning of a new day.  Being so far east, we were very close to the international date line.  The group considered getting up to hike the hill and watch it actually rise but when we saw it was rainy we all went back to bed.

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