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Hey duuuudes,

I survived my first surf lesson and actually did not too bad!  Surfing is pretty fun.  It is also extremely exhausting.  I think if a person surfted often they would be fit, you basically never get to rest.  From the moment you start carrying your board down to the beach (they are much heavier than you'd think) you are sweating, waiting for the waves is tiring, trying to stand up is hard...

We had 2 instructors and we started the lesson on the beach learning all the lingo about the equipment - nose, rails, leggie...  We also got a lesson or 2 about safety, rips, current, how to spot good waves, timing, paddling...  We learned how to lay on the board and how to stand up on it.  Of course I would have to go the "goofey" way with my right leg forward as opposed to "regular" with your left leg forward.  A big part of surfing is just looking cool while doing it so we practiced how to look really good (but you will see in the photos it all came apart in the water!)  We then had to do some body surfing without the board.  Finally we were ready to try the real thing.  I was able to stand up pretty easily - it's staying up that's the problem.  We were also in the shallow whitewash and so by the time you are up you are already on the beach (falling and giving yourself a major sandburn!)  After a few hours of this we were spent!  The tide was also going out by that time which made it so hard to even stand up, let alone manuever yourself and your heavy board.  I still have another lesson today and tomorrow so by then I'm sure I will be a pro surfer.  I am posting pictures but in embarrassment - please do not look at my fat thighs!!!  My god that diet is really starting in February!

I'll update you in a few days!


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Byron Bay
photo by: SFGiantsGirlie