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Hey everyone,

I'm still melting in Melbourne!  It is so hot and so muggy.  The weekend delivered it's 38+ degrees as promised and most nights have had thunderstorms and a bit of rain so although it does somewhat cool things down it just makes it really sticky.  I know it could be worse so I won't complain too much but our little 1920s (my guestimation) house wasn't made for global warming and you can just feel the temperature rising as the minutes go by.  We need a fan or something!  I got almost no sleep last night - partly because of the heat and partly because I can hear noises in my room - like chomping and things.  I have this terrible fear it's a rat!  I don't have any food in my room but it is kinda messy.  I will freak!!!  That would be my worst ever nightmare and I think I will be looking at futons from Ikea in the near future to get myself up off the floor.  The ants are now pretty much gone because the exterminator came and found a nest and sprayed it!  Belinda and I might be looking for a new place...wonder why?

Saturday I jumped on the weight loss wagon again by attending my first ever Weight Watchers meeting (I need something to motivate me and I think keeping track of points will be right up my alley).  You guys might not even recognize me when I get back to Canada!  It was so busy - there must be lots of fat people in Carlton!  I think I'm going to blame it on the wine and the cheese in Australia.  I then leisurely looked at the career section of the paper (my Saturday morning ritual).  Belinda and I had to get to a beach to cool off mid day so we went to Port Melbourne and took a few little dips.  It's not the cleanest water and there were tonnes of little jelly fish.  I then went on a little "date" with the Slovakian that some of you have been hearing about.  I don't really know anything about dating because I've been kind of out of practice for about the last decade - can it have changed that much since 1995??  Ha ha - I'm pathetic I know!  To be honest I don't even know if it is a date or a friend or what.  I sometimes feel more like an English teacher but oh well - a girls gotta eat (right Les??)  I met some other nice Slovakians and we had a really good Nepalese meal, gelati and some traditional Slovakian shot (like Jeger but more sweet).  And no I didn't count those points!

Sunday was jam packed with activities.  I don't think we could have done more if we tried.  We started the day off at the Grape Grazing Festival in the Yarra Valley.  For $35 you got a pass to go around, an entree, a glass of wine, a bottled water and a coffee.  It probably was a rip-off but I'm still glad we did it.  We visited a few different vineyards and did a tastings and listened to the entertainment (jazz at one place and latino type music at another - both very good).  The views were stunning.  I felt a bit posh to be sitting at the Chandon vineyard (I think it's in the same league at Moet) but you know...  I didn't count those points either.  I couldn't drink much because I was driving and the alcohol limit is even lower here 0.05.  We then went to the Chinese New Year celebrations along Southbank in the city.  Happy year of the pig (I hope you're wearing your red undies Tess!)  It was quite nostalgic being in amonst the Chinese celebrations with the lanterns, the kids dressed in traditional clothes, the greasy dumplings and of course the hawking!  We didn't stay too long, just a quick walk around and then off to our next appointment - the Trop Fest.  This was a free short film festival at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl.  Most films were under 10 minutes and the theme was "sneeze" so all the movies had a sneeze in them or some reference to it.  Some were quite clever.  We caught a few and then went over to Will's for what was left of his Mexican feast/goodbye dinner.   It's when I do all these fun things in Melbourne that make me love it and make me not want to leave.

Now it's Monday gone already.  Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Later x

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photo by: jendara