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Hey Everyone,

I am supposed to be writing from sunny Australia as it is meant to be spring (coming up to summer) but today was an absolute crazy weather day! There was actually snow in some places and it is freezing.  Everyone told me Melbourne weather was really unpredictable and it's true - one minute it's sunny, the next it's pouring rain and then there's hail.  I guess all the global warming really is messing things up!

I am trying to recall what has been happening since the last time I wrote.  I am still trucking along with the job.  I am literally running from one place to the next seeing a kid, getting in the car and driving to my next destination and then seeing someone else.  I hit someone again last week (thank goodness it was just my mirror on the side of their van and no real damage!!!)  The day completely flies by which I guess is good but I sometimes feel like I haven't even had a minute to stop and breathe or take a pee or eat my lunch...I get home in the evenings and before I know it it's 11 and time for bed again.  I keep making massive lists of things I need to get done but nothing really gets checked off - I suppose that is the same story with everyone though.  I have recently jumped back on the fitness/healthy eating bandwagon (seems to be an annual event).  I guess all the Australian wine and beautiful cheeses might taste good but they are going straight to my ass!  I have been trying to go to the gym religiously and am following the GI diet.  We'll see how I go.  I am also giving up drinking until at least Christmas.  I have really been considering a 5 week holiday (because I haven't holidayed enough in previous months).  Turns out that Christmas/New Year time is really slow at work as the kids are on summer vacation and it might be the only time I can get off.  There is so much I want to see of this massive country and if I have to go back for Tess' wedding I may have to cease the opportunity now.  I am just worried that after a break I may not want to go back to work...

Speaking of travel - I went to my course "Planning the Great Australian Roadtrip" on Saturday and it was not as expected.  I thought they'd tell us some cool places to go, maybe talk a bit about camping, hostels, I'd meet some cool foreigners...nah!  It was about 15 retired people and me!  Everyone has their 4 wheel drives and electric fridges and they are setting out on 6 month around Australia.  I'm not sure my Toyota Corolla would make it over a sand dune!  There was lots of talk about PSI in tires and how to hold steering wheels and where to put your tent to avoid crocodiles, snakes, spiders.  Everyone was kind of looking at me funny and probably thought what the hell is she doing here.  At least it only cost me $50 and I got an autographed copy of an old edition of Austalia Outback Lonely Planet (the teacher was one of the main writers).

After the course Belinda and I drove to Maffra to the Healy farm.  It was kind of a rushed trip and it felt like we were mostly eating and sleeping but it was still nice to escape the city.  Belinda took me to see the Blue Pools - a really nice little spot to swim on a hot day.  We also went on a little kangaroo hunt but unfortunately didn't see one.  We did however see one dead on the road on the way home - not exactly the way I wanted to see my first kangaroo (I almost felt like crying but I guess it's like a dead deer on the highway at home).  Belinda's dad thought the bulge in the tire from where I rammed into the traffic island was "very unsafe to drive on" and insisted we put the spare on.  I might venture out on another road trip with Louise this weekend - maybe even an overnight affair.

I think that's about all I have to share at the moment - I have not been getting e-mails from anyone lately so I think anyone reading this should get off their butt and send me one!  Ta


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photo by: jendara