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Hi everyone,
Having fun here on the west side with the crazies Louise and Angel.  It took a bit to get back into hostel life but now it's pretty fun.  We've been doing a lot of drinking!  Up until yesterday I'd mostly been hanging around Freo as the girls have been working and it's been nice to just not have to get up early and not have anything to do.  Yesterday we took the train into Perth for the day and saw quite a lot.  It's a really beautiful city.  Louise and I were trying to compare it to Melbourne as of course we both LOVE Melbourne.  Perth lacks the buzz that Melbourne has.  We like that it's busy and really cultural with the cafes and everything going on.  We both agreed that it is maybe a better place to live when you're young.  We do think that Perth is a bit more chilled, quiet but perhaps a nicer place to raise a family and settle when you're older.  The beaches here are gorgeous and the weather is better than Victoria.  We went into the CBD for a bit of a wander of the main shopping area, went to the Swan Bell tower but were too cheap to pay the $10 entrance fee.  We visited the Esplanade and took a few photos and then caught the free Red Cat bus the wrong way so did a really long scenic route!!  (Louise and I have been joking saying a trip with her and I driving will likely be the most hilarious thing!  Louise is about the world's worst navigator.)  We then went to King's Park.  It is unreal.  I cannot believe a massive gorgeous park like that is in the middle of the city.  We are going to pack a picnic and bring a blanket and a book and just lay there all day.  It's so nice and the views of the city are amazing!  We then tried to catch the sunset (they are pretty nice here on the west)on Cottlesloe beach but we were about 10 minutes too late!  We ran our asses off to get there.  I still got a few photos.  After all that hard work we had to stop for at least one glass of wine!  We just got settled on the balcony of the Cottlesloe hotel and a gay guy and his pal came to chat us up.  One glass of wine became 3 and then we were in Angel's pub...ah well!  I'm on holidays now!
Today Louise and I are going to veg on Cottlesloe beach during the day.  It is the beach with the highest number of shark attacks in all of Australia - so probably not much swimming!
Tomorrow I'm going further south for 5 days so I'll let everybody know how that is. 
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photo by: cimtech