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Hey Everyone,

I think I am just coming down from the biggest adrenaline high of my life.  I jumped off the biggest bungy in New Zealand (well biggest in Australasia for that matter) - the Nevis at 134m about 2 hours ago.  Now 134m is freakin far, far off the ground!  I have been a basket of nerves all day just thinking about it.  They have to take you on this cable car to where you jump - it was so weird, I was shaky and I was freezing cold at first and my hands and feet felt like they were falling asleep.  Unfortunately because I was one of the few girls in the group and one of the lightest, I had to watch all the rest go first which made it even worse.  There was a glass bottom floor in the cable car so you could look down at the others jumping.  Finally it came my turn to go and I got boiling hot and sweaty.  The worst part was walking like a penguin to the plank where you jump.  I didn't want to look down but you kind of have to and then you are just supposed to dive head first straight down.  You free fall for about 8 seconds (it's the largest percentage of free fall in any bungy jump).  It is so amazing, you hear the wind rush through your ears and you feel like you are honestly flying.  I had to start screaming a bit when I saw I was getting quite close to the river but then you bounce back up and down again.  It is surprisingly not jerky or sore at all.  Because we couldn't touch down in the water you needed to pull this cord to flip you back upright so they can winch you back up to the platform.  That was kind of a cool part because you can relax and enjoy the view of the canyon.  I was absolutely hyperventilating and shaking like a leaf by that time.  Craziness.  But hands down the coolest thing I've ever done in my life and I'd do it again in a second if it wasn't so expensive.  I have it all on DVD for any of you who'd like to view it when I get home.  There will also be some photos online in a few days you can all look at - I'll provide the link when I know more.  The weirdest part of it all is that my toe is now in absolute agony.  Don't ask how the 2 are related but they somehow are...

I am looking forward to having a few nights in one place to relax a bit instead of getting on the bus early everyday and packing my bags every day.  Queenstown seems really cool so far.  I'll update again tomorrow when I've had a look around and a chance to get thinking straight again.


sweetness says:
YAY Hannah! That sounds like such a trip!
Posted on: Jul 30, 2006
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