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Hello all,

Everybody has a breaking point and I guess you could say I reached mine yesterday.  I got an e-mail Tuesday evening saying that the people in HR were "still reading" through the information about the sponsorship visa process - this is a process that takes 4-6 weeks after it is submitted and wasn't even a guarantee.  I also got 2 e-mails about having to see more clients.  This is after I'd already told the ladies in admin that I couldn't possibly take anymore because I was drowning in work as it was.  I am currently seeing 5-6 kids a day and not even having a minute to go to the toilet or eat my lunch.  To make a long story short I quit my job.  Maybe a bit of a rash decision but that is kind of my style.  I wrote a massive e-mail to my manager ranting about everything and said I resign.  However I don't think she's actually seen the message yet as she hasn't replied or called.  Quitting via e-mail is probably not the most politically correct thing to do but I couldn't bear to do it in person.  I feel like I'm walking on eggshells each time I go into the office (do they know? is she going to call me into her office for a "meeting"?)  I am happy with the decision and I think it is the best one for me right now.  It is not healthy to be anxious all the time, having breakdowns at least once a week, stressed with high blood pressure and feeling like crap everyday.  That wasn't my idea of a "working holiday" in Australia.  Life is too short and physio jobs are a dime a dozen so no reason to be treated like a dog.  Speaking of physio jobs - if anyone knows of any, please keep me in the loop.  I think I would like to stay in peads, but anything will probably do at this point.

So I will be going on my holiday in Western Australia and possibly extending it a bit, coming back to Melbourne to do a few more touristy things I haven't had a chance to do yet, getting all my stuff packed up and then coming back to Canada!  Estimated time of arrival = sometime in May (just in time for another spring and summer :)  I do really love Melbourne and I have enjoyed a lot of my time here in Australia.  I am sure I will be back here again at some point.  I am just really homesick now and I have been away over 8 months already...  I want to see my nephew and get some sort of a love life happening!

As always on a positive note, I did have a great long weekend.  I went to the Healy's farm on Saturday night and then to Future music festival on Sunday.  I saw Felix the Housecat, Infusion, Sander Van Doorn, Carl Cox and Ferry Corsten - pretty good!  Monday I mostly relaxed but did catch a big of Moomba water festival at the Yarra river.  I saw some of the water skiing in the river which was quite cool.

I am excited to see lots of you soon!  Oh and Amy if you're reading this I guess I will be attending your wedding - you do know me and what I'm like!! 

Speak to you soon,


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photo by: jendara