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Hello all,

Not too much to report here - the last few days have been kinda blah.  Mainly just working.  The schools have definitely started their downhill slope and it feels like there is hardly any time left.  I am taking 5 weeks off over Christmas and Summer because it is apparently very slow and depressing if you stay in the office.  There are so many things I want to see in Australia so it works out well.  I just can't decide what to do!  I want to see it all.  Anyone who has been to OZ can maybe recommend something.  I am thinking either west or east or even maybe center (but I've heard it will be unbearable at that time of year).  It's also peak time to be travelling and therefore also the most expensive time - joy!!

I had some more drama with the car yesterday...Driving home from work in rush hour traffic it was making all these clicking noises and it felt like the engine was surging forward when I had my foot on the brake.  I am so dumb when it comes to cars so I didn't know what to do.  It's not my car and I didn't wanna breakdown in the middle of the freeway!  I tried calling and going to the Toyota dealership but no one was there so I called the trusty RACV to come check it out.  I am not even sure if they are meant to come for that type of problem.  I waited over an hour and the guy got there and said in about 2 seconds it was my air conditionning compressor.  I felt like the biggest dope.  In my defence it was 38 degrees and I guess maybe my air conditionner at home has never had to work that hard.  I wonder how much that will cost the company???  I also took my bulging tire into the shop today and they said it was definitely toast!  I asked just out of curiousity how something like that would happen and the guy said "hitting into a curb really hard" - bingo!!  Oopps  He also said that it is so unsafe to drive on a tire like that "it could blowout at any moment".  Thank goodness Belinda's dad warned me - I drove on it like that for over 2 weeks.

I have noticed I have been picking up some Aussie lingo lately (well I guess it's really British).  It is kind of necessary because people don't understand what you're talking about otherwise.  I have to ask where the rubbish bin is and if the child needs a nappie change.  I need to buy a new doona and put stuff in the boot of my car.  What am I making for "tea"? - not too sure yet!  I ask things like "how are you going?" and say "G'day" and "we'll see how we go".  Even if you are telling someone to call you you say "give us a call".  I have also had to change the pronounciation of Pickard (Pick erd to Pick ard) because no one can get it right when I say it on the phone.  Just a few little funny things.  I get teased about my accent to no end but it's pretty funny to be honest.

Talk to you all again soon,


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photo by: jendara