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Hey everybody,

I decided I'd best get my butt in gear and post an entry as it's been ages since my last one.  We are trying to cut back on home internet use as our appeal to cut the $300 bill was refused and we definitely don't want to go over our 1 gig limit again!  I have also just been super busy with work.  Being the only physio on the team is sucking ass.  All the shit gets dumped on me.  The only good thing is that time is flying because I'm flat out.  Can't believe it is already March 5th!  I am getting super stressed about my visa.  I kinda left it to the last minute and with only a month left to convert it over I found out today it takes 4-6 weeks to process the application.  I am also trying to lodge the application myself and 3/4 is meant to be done by your employer but my manager has been sick for 6 weeks + and I can't get anyone in HR to respond.  Ah well, if they don't get on it then I will be terminating my job in the beginning of April.  I also requested an extension on my working holiday visa amount of time you can work in one place but if I get that I guess I'll be coming home on August 30th.  It is just pissing me off that no one is helping me.  A little part of me kinda hopes they don't organize it!  I have actually been a bit homesick the last few weeks.  I guess in some ways I kinda feel like I've had enough.  Belinda is going to Mexico soon and has been applying for jobs all over the place so dunno where she'll be.

I did book a 3 week vacation to Western Australia for when the kids have their term break at school and cannot wait.  I'll be going to visit Louise and Angel.  I have also been milking all the PD opportunities.  I can ask for stuff and they pretty much have to say yes and keep me happy.  I will be taking the Australia Physio Association Aquatics Level 1 course at the end of the month and am attending lots of lectures and teleconferences in March.  This week's big goal is to get to the gym.  I finally did some shopping for new clothes as the ones from my backpacking aren't quite cutting it anymore and I look like a hobo!  Yesterday I spent about 5 hours organizing all my papers and files (nightmare!!).  Belinda and I have been planning at least one expedition per weekend.  We went to the Travel Expo (and I won a prize, but it wasn't the trip for 2 to India I originally thought) and Harvest Picnic at Hanging Rock last weekend and the Guide Dog Victoria open house yesterday.  The puppies were really cute.  I went clubbing by myself on Friday and although it is a bit awkward it was fun.  This weekend is also a long weekend so gotta love that.

Before anyone asks more about my "hot dates" - they are not that hot (so quit asking Caity!).  He's too shy and said reading horoscopes and going to psychics is "evil".  He doesn't like my music taste...on and on.  The language barrier is also quite annoying (although some of the received text messages are gold!)

I should run but thought I'd send a quick update.  Not much new or exciting to report at the moment. 

Talk to you guys soon,


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