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G'day all!  I know it's been awhile since I last updated and I've gotten flack from a few of you saying you were worried.  No worries peeps - I'm still here trucking along.  Because I have waited a bit I will just have more to tell you...

Yeah I am sorry to rub it in to all my Canadian mates but today it is 37 degrees in Melbourne.  It's pretty hot but I actually have always liked hot weather and don't mind the heat (And I'll keep telling myself that as I am headed to the center of Australia in a few weeks with weather in the mid 40s!!)  The sky is really smokey and has been for a few days.  Some of you may have heard about the really big fires in Victoria (I am not sure if it would make international news on some stations).  They said on the radio the other day that it is the worst set of bush fires in Victoria (and I am thinking possibly in Australia??)  Something like 50 fires have all combined to make a massive fire.  Thousands and thousands of hectares have already burned and as you can imagine the worst drought in history, 37 degree weather and wind don't help matters.  The fires are actually approaching Gippsland where Belinda's family farm is and they are all at home now preparing for the worst.  Really scary and really sad.

I have been working away like a little bee.  I was getting pretty annoyed earlier this week having to do some reports and things into the wee hours of the morning at home but I guess that is life.  There have been some pretty major events and the shit is kinda hitting the fan.  Two of the other physios on my team have resigned - that makes me (yeah me) the only physio left on the Eastern Team.  I am pretty sure I have mentionned Penny in some of my other posts (the nicest person you ever met, super physio that has been helping me so much- having meetings, mentoring, answering my million questions...)she is leaving :(  However on a happy note she has still agreed to meet with me for 2 hours every week to help me out.  My manager is freaking that I will quit too (trust me the thought has crossed my mind pretty often) so she is doing everything to reassure me and make sure I'm happy.  I guess that leaves me in a pretty good position right now.  I will milk this for all it's worth - trust me!  I found out an interesting piece of information the other day - I am the first ever Scope employee to get a packaged car (Scope employs thousands of employees).  How I swung that deal I really have no clue.  I got an email the other day asking me what color I want my new Holden Astra to be.  I picked red!  I will be getting it in the new year.  I am quickly learning about the workplace politics and we have had a few really brutal meetings in the last few weeks.  Because we are technically a business there is all of a sudden huge pressure to be really productive and billing 80% of your hours and accounting for every minute of your day.  You spend 15 minutes or more of your day accounting for all your other time - it drives me bananas!  It is actually a major pain in the ass.  Everyone just keeps telling me to try to stay away from the office as much as possible just doing my job with the kiddies and to keep telling myself "I am only here for a year".  I actually only have 9 more days of work left before I go away on holidays.  I am on a really big countdown (kind of annoys me that I am always on a countdown for something, feels like I'm wishing all my days away).  I won't really be back at work until February so I am just trying to keep positive until then. 

The house was pretty full up until today.  I made 2 trips to the airport in a week.  First to pick up Belinda's man, Will and the next time to get a girl I met in New Zealand, Susanne.  I got lost both times going to the airport.  It was pretty funny actually, Belinda ran in to get Will, I parked in a bus zone but got told to move and so I thought I'd go drive around and come back.  I accidently got leaving the airport and onto the freeway and I couldn't turn around!  I came right back into the city and then had to go back - what an idiot I am.  I did get some lovely lilies for my troubles though.  Then you would think I would learn as I had just been there 3 days earlier - no!  Got lost leaving again when I got Susanne and ended up in the heart of the city stressing to the max.  But actually the driving is not bad at all now.  As long as I kinda know where I'm going, don't have to reverse park into a stall on our 4 lane busy street and drive in the city with the trams, I'm alright.  Susanne left today after a week here.  I can't say I'm really that disappointed, she was sleeping right in my doorway, sleeping in every morning in my room when I had to go to work and not really doing much of anything in the house.  Ah well, hopefully I'll get some kind of good karma for being a good samaritan and opening my door to practical strangers.

Still going out and doing fun stuff on the weekends - went to a play with Louise and Angel last night and then got pretty drunk at Kid Koala.  Today I had my Mediterranian cooking class (trust me I could think of nothing worse at 10 am with a massive hangover and 37 degrees).  After a rough start though it was fabulous and I learned how to make some really good dishes.  I also learned that if you are ever in doubt with Greek cooking just add Olive oil and lemon and lots of it.  You will likely also need garlic!  You would think that I should be a really good cook now, I've taken cooking classes for all of these types of cuisine: Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Laotian and now this!  Anyways that class was much better than the roadtrip one!!   

Doesn't feel like Christmas at all.  I have bought a few gifts but haven't sent them yet, also have a big box of cards here but haven't written in them yet (they might end up being more like Valentine's cards!)  I was thinking of walking down the street a few blocks and buying a Christmas tree to get a bit more in the festive mood but I can't be stuffed carrying it today.  We did have our staff Christmas party on Thursday and it was alright.

My last day of work is Dec. 21st and then I am going on a trip along the Great Ocean Road with Louise, her sister Nicola (arrives this week) and Angel.  We are going to do 3 days/2 nights.  I get to be the driver!  We will be back on Christmas eve and then I will do Christmas day with Belinda's family and then with the girls.  I am planning to go up to Alice Springs and to Ayers Rock on a 10 day bus tour thing leaving on Dec 26th.  From there fly to Cairns to do some diving on the reef and then 16 days to get down the East coast to Sydney.  I will fly back to Melbourne just in time for the Big Day Out and to start work again (to pay for all this galavanting).  I will likely be exhausted but I am really looking forward to seeing some of Australia and I thought I might as well cram as much as possible in because not sure when I will get another big chunk of time off (kids will be off school until Feb).  So keep checking my journal for more exciting stories of my travels in the very near future.

I have probably written enough BS for one entry.  Those of you still reading, good on ya!



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