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It seems like I am getting to update every 4 days so I have alot to type in such a short amount of time. Anyway to get back into my trip, we left northern Bombay and headed for the southern Bombay where most of the touristy stuff is. We spent a full day just making our way down in the mad traffic to our hotel. I didnt mind it to much though because we got a cab that had air conditioning so it was actually rather relaxing. That night Bernie and I decided to hit up some dinner and did a double feature at the local movie theater near by. It was a different experience only for the fact that you had to go through a metal detector and before and after each movie a bomb squad came in and searched under all the seats!

The next day we got an earlier start and headed for Elephanta Island which is a one hour boat ride from the coast. The island is filled with cave temples that were carved out of solid rock. It was rather impressive because it was filled with sculptures and columns. After a bit of exploring on the island we headed back and did alittle shopping to kill time before we caught the over night train to Goa. When we got there we met our bunk mate, who happened to be the captain of the only military aircraft carrier India has. He was a very nice humble man and treated us as his guest. He told us his philosiphy of the world and shared some of his delicous food.

After a good nights sleep on the train, I went out and opened the door to the outside and was greeted by sunshine and warm weather. We had finally arrived after 12 hours to Goa! For those who dont know Goa is Indias hot spot for European beach vacationers. It's exactly like the U.S.A.'s  Cancun Mexico. Goa is divided into to parts the North which is a little more happening and the south which is very laid back. We are currently in the south chillin out and unwinding from the hectic city life we have experienced so far. It is amazing how different it is from the US beaches, for example I rented a bike for the day yesterday and took a long bike ride on the beach where I saw buffalos swimming in the surf, little restaurants serving cold beer and food 20 yards from the water, and pigs wondering the streets. I guess thats just a typical day here in south Goa. The night life is the same also it's very slow and easy going with not to much going on except for maybe a couple of night bizarres and some discos in Colva. The weather today is really hot and I have no idea what the temp is but all I know is with SPF 30 on I still burned to a crisp. Well thats all I have for now I think we will be making our way to northern Goa on Saturday and the fly back to Bombay to catch our flight home on Thursday! This trip has gone way to fast, but it has really given me some great motivation to same up and maybe do a 6 week stint in Europe next year.

astott16 says:
What is a night bizare? Safe travels back to the states. I'm anxious to hear all about your trip.
Posted on: Feb 19, 2008
joyce181 says:
Hi. I am going to Goa and was wondering where you stayed and if you would recommend it. Also, how did you set up the night train? We plan on doing that from Delhi. I'd really appreciate the help! Have a great one!
Posted on: Feb 16, 2008
JLS05 says:
Glad to hear you're still having a good time. it's nice to read all your details. Bernie just wrote "I like Bombay" and "I like Goa". See you soon. Call me if any of your flights get delayed or anything.
Posted on: Feb 15, 2008
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