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Hello all, I am still alive after some great experiences. To catch everyone up since my last journal entry I stayed with our host Dennis in Baroda for another two days. He was an amazing host who spent the entire time dedicated to showing us everything in his home town. The day after we went to the Temple, Dennis took us around down town Baroda to do some shopping and visit various sites. I picked up a couple of shirts that were custom fitted by a tailor for less than $10! It's amazing how cheap things are here for example I bought a 20oz Pepsi on the train for about 60 cents! Anyway, apparently the people of Baroda were not use to tourist so Bernie and I was the center of attention wherever we went. Especially when we were walking around the different markets at night. I stopped to take a picture of the market from a stoop to get a good shot and all of the sudden a kid was pulling on me to take a picture of the fire he just set. Now just imagine 200 people in a small area with vendors every square inch and all of the sudden a big trash fire breaks out and everyone starts dancing around! Crazy! So after taking about 30 photos of the street vendors all wanting there picture taken we ducked in an ice cream parlor and had some bison milk ice cream.

      The next day Dennis took us to the town he grew up in, which was located about one hour south of Baroda. Here we got to experience the laid back country life. Our first stop was a papya farm where the farmer was proud to show us his beautiful fuit and newly installed irrigation system. Then it was off to visit his friends in town. The town was no bigger than downtown Mercersburg and was so isolated it was like something out of a movie. The people of the  town were very welcoming of us and invited us in for tea and snacks. So after a couple of cups of tea and a bunch of food we left and went to an orchard. Here we picked these small apple like berries that tasted like a pear. The farmer also very proud of his crop picked us a bag full to take on our journey. His generosity was amazing because he and his family of 5 lived in a single blue tarp under a tree on the edge of the orchird. The man had nothing and he gave to us out of pure kindness. I was truly amazed with the people in this town. The day wasnt over though, our last stop was to a sugar cane plantation that was very primative. Once we arrived the man who seemed to be a supervisor grabbed hold of me with a big smile and started to show me the process. We concluded his 5 minute tour of pointing with a taste of fresh brown sugar. Then a glass of freshly squeezed sugar cane juice with a touch of ginger and lime. I tried alittle of it and liked it but was way to afraid of drinking the whole thing especially since he got the juice from a dirty old bucket and old aluminum cups. If it wasnt for the diesel smoke and being in the middle of a field in the middle of no where I may have drank the whole thing. The people that worked at the sugar cane plant where all very happy, they worked very hard and when they where done with there shift they retired to the grass hut camp just down the road. I must have taken a hundred photos there too because all they wanted was there picture taken with there friends and family. 

    The next day was basically a travel day on the train to Mumbai (bombay). We arrived here last night and took a taxi into Bandra which is like a small New York City. Southern India is so much cleaner and nicer than northern India. People actually pick up after themselves or at least put there trash in a pile on the road. After we found a hotel Bernie and I broke out the bottle of Jack Daniels we bought at the airport and after a couple of shots on an empty stomach we were suddenly on a mission. The mission was to find a pizza hut in Bombay. So we went down and hailed a rickshaw driver who had no idea what we were talking about. The rickshaw ride was the equivalent of a rollercoaster ride, through the unorganized traffic. I think we rode around for a half hour until we found a Dominos. We paid the rickshaw driver to stay and wait but I think he had enough of us and quickly took off. Ohh well. We ordered our pizza and while waiting I saw Bernie wander across the street and help a homeless man build a fire on the street. So I wandered over too and hung out with him for awhile. Now I am writing to you from Northern Bombay, which is very classy and modern. I think tomorrow we will head for southern Bombay which is the old victorian section.


FarmerChad says:
I was talking about you today. Sounds like you are having a great experience. I hope it continues. Be well.
Posted on: Feb 14, 2008
bigbrewski says:
Nothing like a little JD to make you crave Dominos pizza. haha. The trip sounds awesome. Keep on keeping on.
Posted on: Feb 13, 2008
JLS05 says:
Sounds like you're hving an amazing time. I can't wait to see all of your pictures.
Posted on: Feb 10, 2008
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