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Well, the rest of the time spent in Goa was really just super relaxing. My daily routine consisted of eating a good breakfast, going to the beach, reading and going out for some fun in the evenings. We didn't actually make it to stay in North Goa instead we spent a couple of catching a cab and hanging out up there. Which for me was a good mix because after traveling in the over populated cities, I wasn't ready to hang out in the over populated tourist spots all day. On Feb 21 we said our goodbyes to this interesting country and headed on a 36 hour journey back home. I have seen myself grow on this trip in more ways than I can count. India is definitely a litmus test for travelers, if you can survive it and have a good time, you can travel anywhere in the world. The people there will put you to the test with scams around ever corner, Taxis constantly harassing you every step, and people peddling goods every inch. As a traveler this has been my observation. I do know from hanging out with Dennis not everyone is trying to sell you something, and the Indian hospitality is some of the best in the world. For the most part though if you look like a tourist they will try to find a way to make a buck off you. I would say something about the landscape and the natural beauty of the country but I didn't see it, I only saw garbage. Only in the remote parts of the country like the farms we visited was clean and nice. I have to say when I got back to America I was so appreciative of the clean air, the unspoiled land, the freedoms we have, the nice roads and the list could go on forever. If anything India's number one lesson for me was the appreciation of my own country. If anyone has any doubts or is feeling that the US is a shit hole go to India and come back, I guarantee you your perception will change.
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photo by: nathanphil